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7 types of people you need on gameday

This feature was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and Skittles. Vox Media editorial staff was not involved in the creation or production of this content.

A homegate party brings together people with one thing in common: a love for football — or at least a love for the parties that come with game day. But variety is the spice of life, and you'll want a well-rounded cast of characters at your at-home tailgate, from the game-obsessed to the food-focused. Here are the seven types of people you need at your party.



It wouldn't be a party without someone so dedicated to his team that he's barely recognizable on game day. Bring in a buddy with face paint, a lucky jersey that hasn't seen the washing machine in years, and no shortage of vocal cheering.



Believe it or not, you'll need someone with a sense of objectivity. This fan appreciates the rules of the game, doesn't take sides, and will bend anyone's ear who wants a longwinded explanation of the instant-replay rule. It's best to keep at least a three-person buffer between the ref's fan and the superfan, for obvious reasons.



Wondering about your quarterback's completion rate? Need to know the rushing yardage from three plays ago? The stats lover has all that information and more. Often found with a calculator and notepad in hand, this fan has no opinion on who wins, so long as there are plenty of numbers to crunch.



They might have won the state championship, red-shirted in college, or even had a stint in the pros, but regardless this homegater has stories to tell and lends a perspective on the realities of the game. When a player takes a hit on the field, the former player might visibly recoil and recount the days when helmets were made of leather.



Food is an essential part of any homegating celebration, so you'll want a friend who loves to cook. Whether they're hosting or not, this friend will be the keeper of time-honed game-day cooking skills and seasons-old recipes that will quell tensions between even the most passionate fans. The most accomplished home chef will kick things off with a colorful pre-game platter paying homage to the home team. Our suggestion? Team-colored Skittles with a gridiron tray to get in the zone for game time.



More a fan of the game than any team in particular, the cheerleader boosts morale across the party. Expect this fan to be somewhere between the superfan and the ref's fan — getting the details on all of the on-field rulings while waving the flag for whichever team is on top.



With no allegiance to any team but the one they've drafted, this fantasy fanatic is constantly checking his standings online while taking in as many games as possible. Perhaps not the most talkative of the group — unless you bring up fantasy-draft politics — this fan has the deepest knowledge of stats, injury reports, and the latest scores. Find him listening in on whatever conversation the stats lover is having in hopes of getting an inside edge on the competition.

This feature was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and Skittles. Vox Media editorial staff was not involved in the creation or production of this content.

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