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A Perfect Beer Pairing: Goose Island’s Goose IPA With B&B Butchers’ Classic Caesar Salad

This feature was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and Goose Island. Vox Media editorial staff was not involved in the creation or production of this content.

When Goose Island Brewery came to Houston last month for its Migration Week of parties and events, Eater and Goose hosted a special Chef Meets Brewer dining experience at B&B Butchers & Restaurant. The Chicago-based beermaker brought some of its boldest flavors to this steakhouse with a modern twist, producing an exceptional tasting menu that was served with inventive beer pairings.

A lighter-side steakhouse standard is the Caesar salad, and B&B puts it southwestern spin on the dish in its Mr. G's classic Caesar. It was perfectly complemented by the perfectly balanced Goose IPA.

"Goose IPA is a very well balanced beer with the right amount of hops and a solid malt bill, making it a beer that begs to be paired with food," said Goose Island's Jesse Valenciana. "The hops in the beer have a citrus character that brings out the citrus in the food it's paired with, while the bitter notes from those same hops heightened the slight spiciness in the salad. The corn in the relish was made sweeter by the malts in Goose IPA, which really softened and served as a contrasting buffer for the other sharp flavors in the dish. The complexity of the beer and salad together did a great flavor dance."

Visit Goose Island's website for more information on Migration Week, and check out their full lineup of beers here.

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