Chef Michael Taus Offers a Four-Course Exploration of Sight in This Special Dining Event


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Food is as universal as it is a personal experience. Everyone eats, but we all perceive food differently through our senses. No one understands this better than the team at the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD). Inspired in part by their sensory-centric approach to exploring food, we are pleased to extend an invitation to our six-part dinner series — Feast for the Senses — that explores food through the five senses. At each dinner, a renowned chef will design a menu inspired by a sense.

Five Senses. Six Dinners. Endless Possibilities.

For the Chicago installment of the dinner series, we join chef Michael Taus of renowned Wicker Park New American eatery Taus Authentic as he explores the sense of sight. Creatively exploring multiple colors and textures, chef Taus presents an inventive four-course menu sure to captivate the imaginations of even the most seasoned diners.

Drawing on seasonal inspirations, chef Taus has prepared a vibrant menu that offers unconventional flavor combinations. From a bright opening Oyster Yuzu dish to the savory, fall-inspired Cavatelli with duck confit, kohlrabi puree, and trumpet mushrooms, this is one menu that has to be seen to be fully experienced.

Join chef Taus for this culinary experience on October 6th, at Taus Authentic, located at 1846 W Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. The festivities begin at 6 p.m. Tickets for this four-course dinner are $50 per person.

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