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10 FreshDirect Essentials for Recovering from 24/7 in the Sun and Sea

This feature was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and FreshDirect. Vox Media editorial staff was not involved in the creation or production of this content.

Hitting the beach is one of summer's great pleasures, but there's no doubt that a day in the sun takes a toll. Even if you load on the sunscreen, prolonged sun exposure and time in the ocean can leave you dehydrated. We chose ten foods to help rehydrate and recover after all that beach tennis and bodysurfing.

Organic Pink GrapefruitJuicy citrus fruits are a great (and tasty) way to rehydrate. Tart yet sweet, organic grapefruits are a refreshing snack once you're off the sand. Peeled, sliced or juiced grapefruits come with the added benefit of vitamin c to ward off summer colds.

Wild King SalmonThe health benefits of salmon are widely known. In addition to being a strong source of Omega 3 fatty acids, this high quality source of protein is rich in numerous vitamins. Opt for the Wild King Salmon for a firmer texture with high oil content.

Blue Moon Acres Organic Baby SpinachGrown in the highly sustainable Blue Moon Acres farm in Pennington, New Jersey and harvested to order, this organic spinach is an oasis for the body after time in the sun. With a diverse range of vitamins and nutrients, spinach is good for the skin, bones, and a healthy source of protein. Add it to a salad or enjoy it right out of the box.

FreshDirect Raw AlmondsFor their size, few foods come close to packing the nutritional punch of the mighty almond. Rich in calcium, vitamin E, minerals, and fiber these highly snackable and healthy nuts are most effective when raw and unsalted.

Just FreshDirect Italian Sparkling Mineral Water Orange, Grapefruit & Lemon BlendSourced from northeastern Italy, this mineral water counts its origins back over 2,300 years ago. Crisp, refreshing and satisfying the lightly flavored effervescent beverage is a revitalizing antidote to a day on the beach.


Coco Libre Pure Organic Coconut WaterCoconut water is the go-to for quick and delicious natural hydration. Incredibly fresh with no sugar or additives, Coco Libre is as pure as it gets. In addition to being naturally hydrating, coconut water is high in potassium.

Organic Seedless WatermelonWith water in the name, you can bet watermelon is a great food for hydration. Clocking in at about 92 percent water, eating watermelon is more than just a refreshing summer treat. The seasonal favorite is also a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Organic Greenhouse CucumberAnother water-rich food, these Organic Greenhouse Cucumbers bring a vibrant freshness to any salad or vegetable plate. Add cucumber to sandwiches for a crunch or juice with fresh mint them for a satisfying, post beach beverage.

Organic Green Bell PeppersBringing both crunch and color, Organic Green Bell Peppers are also rich sources of vitamins and nutrients. High in Vitamin A and C, this summer favorite can be eaten as is, grilled or roasted and added to sauces.

Fresh Kiwi Mango Strawberry MedleyCopious amounts of raw fruits and vegetables will do the body good after a hot day at the beach and fruit salad is the ticket to rehydration. The Fresh Kiwi Mango Strawberry Medley comes packed with cubed mango, slices of kiwi and fresh cut strawberries. Snack on this vitamin rich combo on its own or add Greek yogurt for an extra boost of protein.

Plus, check out three unique and delicious ways to eat watermelon this summer.

This feature was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and FreshDirect. Vox Media editorial staff was not involved in the creation or production of this content.

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