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Raise a Glass on International Sushi Day with Sapporo

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Today, June 18th, marks the annual celebration of all things rice, fish, and raw: International Sushi Day. Around the world — from Osaka to Oklahoma — diners celebrate the beloved Japanese food that actually started as a way to preserve fish for months at a time. This early style of sushi or Narezushi eventually gave way to the fish and rice combination we know today. Now, sushi runs the gamut from a quick to-go lunch to a fine dining experience — with a whole new culture to go around it.

Whether you're sitting down for a one-on-one omakase (where the sushi chef selects for you) or grabbing a few quick rolls with friends, great sushi demands a great beer to go with it. Sapporo Premium Beer is the go-to choice.

With its light body and crisp, clear palette, Sapporo Premium heightens the subtle umami tastes found in sushi. The beer's refined bitterness balances the saltiness of soy sauce and the sweetness of fresh fish, making it the perfect companion for sushi.

Celebrate International Sushi Day this year with a platter from your local sushi bar, and don't forget a round of Sapporo Premium to go with it.


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