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This Dinner Hack Has Millennials Ditching Delivery

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While we all love testing out new recipes, the stress of not knowing whether your meal is going to be successful until after you've spent hours prepping and cooking can ruin your night. Not only do you have to trek to the store to hunt down ingredients, but you also have to make sure you find a recipe that won't end up being featured on a "Pinterest Fail" board.

So what's the secret to planning unique, homemade meals without the stress?

Plated a dinner kit delivery service, offers subscription boxes filled with chef-designed recipes and pre-portioned ingredients, so you can prepare delicious, fail-proof dishes in around 30 minutes. Your box arrives fresh to your door each week, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the cooking (and eating) experience!

UPDATE: Plated is extending an appetizing deal to Eater readers. Click here to check it out.