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Progress doesn’t start out big.

It starts small: with a seed of an idea, a jolt of inspiration, a nudge in a new direction. It starts with a problem to be solved, and a solution to be found. And more often than not, it starts with our children, the next generation of innovators.

The world needs innovation and problem-solving now more than ever. It’s why KiwiCo has been dedicated to providing creative, hands-on projects to encourage kids (and kids at heart!) to learn, explore, and grow for 10 years. More than 1,000 hours of development go into each of their crates, and their products are all kid-tested and approved for that moment of “Whoa, awesome.” A robot that can walk? A rocket launching into the air? The opportunities are endless — and possible with KiwiCo.

Follow along with these resources and be inspired to change the world — with small actions today, and big impact tomorrow.

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Today, Explained to Kids

Produced by Vox’s award-winning explanatory journalists, this Today, Explained spinoff series presents a smart, safe, fun — and much-needed — take on the big questions children are asking us.

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Explore KiwiCo’s best-selling crates to start you on your creative journey. Add to your cart now or stay tuned for the Today, Explained to Kids x KiwiCo crate bundle available for sale in June.

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Encouraging exploration doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

Turn common household items into a science experiment or craft. Vinegar and baking soda, an empty plastic water bottle and rubber bands: these are the makings of an afternoon well spent.

Start Innovating

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Not sure where to begin? We’ve researched and tested some of KiwiCo’s new and best-selling crates to give you the info you want to know. (Plus, more products picked by Vox Media to keep the kids in your life creating and inspired.)

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Fostering creative minds starts at home — and with you.

Not a parent? Not a problem. Aunts and uncles, older cousins, and family friends can all join in the fun. Offer up unstructured time to explore, build, and experiment with the kids in your life. When’s the last time you did something creative: cooking, dancing, drawing, gardening? You and your favorite kiddos just may find your creative outlet together.

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Illustrated doodles

Learn More

There’s much more to explore with KiwiCo. Watch and read on for more tips to bring creativity into your own home, plus get an inside look into how KiwiCo brings its products to life.

Illustrated doodles
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