Unlock the Science Behind Your Next Vacation

Research tells us that trips have the power to transform. Take this quiz to see where your brain might lead you. 

By Lee Musho

Travel can help us experience new things, appreciate our surroundings, and can change us — and our lives — for the better. 

It can also have positive cognitive effects. A scientific study tells us that booking and planning a trip can make you happier, even before you take off. Experiencing awe through new sights, sounds, and flavors can stimulate your brain and help you feel more creative, open, and increase your confidence. You can even feel less stress for weeks after you come home.

So what are you waiting for? No matter who you are, or what makes you tick, an awe-inspiring trip awaits. Put your next trip in motion with the quiz below, created with scientific research in mind, and discover what may be the most transformative trip for you.

Question 1/5

Which image makes you most excited for a trip?

Desert Canyon
Trees and Mountains
Hawaiian Beach
Lisbon Cityscape
Question 2/5

What do you feel you’re missing in your day-to-day life?

I don’t pamper myself. I need to reset and relax.
I rarely have an adventure. I want to get my blood pumping.
I don’t spend enough time in nature. I need a break from technology.
I’ve gotten really comfortable. I want to experience something new.
Question 3/5

How do you want to feel on vacation?

Question 4/5

Pick a sound that moves you:

A peaceful rainforest meditation
A breathtaking horseback ride
A soothing ukulele by the beach
An entrancing cityscape
Question 5/5

What do you want to get from your trip?

To bring inner peace home with me
To gain meaningful memories that will last a lifetime
To better understand myself and my place in the world
To strengthen my creativity and imagination

Find Peace in a Relaxing Retreat

You rarely get the time to unwind and indulge, where no one and no email can bother you. Experiencing new relaxing practices and treatments at the Marriott Bonvoy resorts below will restore and revitalize you, and may help lower your stress levels for weeks after you return home.

Looking for more relaxing retreats? Explore the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of 30 extraordinary hotel brands and endless experiences.

Dubbed "where time stands still,"" this luxury mountainside resort in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert stars a 32,000-square-foot therapeutic spa and natural healing remedies made with indigenous plants and herbs.

This Park City resort serves as your home base along the slopes where you can go snowboarding, snowmobiling, tubing, ice skating, bobsledding, and take advantage of exclusive ski-in/ski-out privileges. Afterwards, head to the 14,000-square-foot Remède Spa or sip on a signature cocktail at the St. Regis Bar.

Meaning "temple" in Sanskrit, the Mandapa is a sanctuary located in the Ubud rainforest along Bali’s Ayung River. There, release stress and fatigue at the meditation temple and experience restorative sessions with a local Balinese healer and yogi.

Chase a Thrill with an Outdoor Adventure

You’re looking for an experience that will get your blood pumping and give you stories for years to come. The new experiences waiting at the Marriott Bonvoy hotels and resorts below will awaken your senses, and may give you a higher capacity for memory and learning.

Looking for more outdoor adventures? Explore the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of 30 extraordinary hotel brands and endless experiences.

Just outside Zion National Park’s steep red cliffs and Emerald Pools, this Utah hotel’s outdoor hot tubs and fireplaces are surrounded by scenic canyon views — the perfect place to recharge after a long day of hiking, biking, river rafting, rock climbing, or horseback riding.

Whistler should be at the top of any adventurous traveler’s bucket list, with majestic views of the Coast Mountains and outdoor activities at your fingertips all year round — from hiking and fishing in the summer to snowboarding and skiing in the winter.

This five-star resort just outside of Dublin overlooks the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea, but the true stars of the show are its two championship golf courses. Live out your own golf tour, or spend the day horseback riding, fishing, or experiencing falconry at the estate.

Immerse Yourself in Another Culture

You’re craving an experience wholly different from your typical day-to-day, and wonder what else lies out there. Experiencing the different cultures at the Marriott Bonvoy hotels and resorts below may sate your curiosity and strengthen your sense of self.

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This luxury oceanfront resort has two beaches, three infinity-edge pools, and a 42,000-sq-ft spa — but it takes pride in its Ambassadors of the Environment program, where guests are introduced to Southern California’s native Chumash culture. Guided hikes and educational programs led by local experts will enrich your appreciation of the natural world.

Enjoy a beach getaway and fully immerse yourself in the history and culture of Hawaii at the Wailea Beach Resort. Experience rowing a traditional outrigger canoe, take hula and ukulele lessons, take part in a luau, and watch the sunrise at the legendary Haleakala Crater.

Built inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Matild Palace hotel, built in 1902, features a secret liquor library, Danube views, and distinctly Hungarian baths at the Swan Spa. It’s the perfect gateway to the culture of Budapest.

Get Lost in a New City

Experiencing the awe of a new city may increase your imagination and creativity. Challenge yourself and open up a new world at one of the Marriott Bonvoy hotels below.

Looking for more city escapes? Explore the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of 30 extraordinary hotel brands and endless experiences.

Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Merida, which is known for its rich Mayan heritage, art museums, and colorful markets, this hotel is your gateway to Mexican culture. Practice your Spanish and visit Merida’s nearby UNESCO archeological sites, nature reserves, and sacred swimming holes.

Lisbon is where the old world meets the new, where you can stop in modern art galleries and visit a castle built in the first century B.C. And Moxy Lisbon City is in the middle of it all. Relax at its rooftop pool after a day of pastéis de nata, flea markets, and fado.

Nashville is the world capital of country music, but it’s also home to a chic arts scene and a renowned culinary community. Experience the best of what Nashville has to offer at the W Hotel in the trendy Gulch neighborhood with its rooftop bar and live music venue.