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Sharon Wong

The 10 Most Satisfying Life Moments

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Let’s be honest — life can be hard. That’s why it’s important to honor the moments that bring you joy, no matter how big or small they may be. It’s important to remember that despite the fact that you may not like your job, or your car broke down again, you experienced a brief moment that brought you so much satisfaction. These are some of those moments.


Peeling off the plastic on a new phone

Getting a new phone is already an exciting moment, but there’s something about an untouched, sealed phone that puts you in a state of euphoria. The satisfying feeling of peeling the plastic off a new screen is incomparable. It’s pure bliss.

Getting the plastic off a video game case

While we’re on the topic of plastic, it should be noted that it can often cause serious frustration. Have you ever attempted to unwrap a new movie or video game and the plastic comes off in little pieces? That’s why it’s so satisfying to get the plastic off in one piece. It’s like perfectly peeling an orange, but it’s filled with entertainment instead of citrus.

Seeing 4K video for the first time

4K video is talked about a lot these days, but most people haven't actually seen anything in ultra-high resolution. However, when you do finally see true 4K content on a large screen, it’s a truly satisfying moment. Whether it’s aerial shots of the Grand Canyon or macro footage of a frog on a leaf, staring at a 4K monitor will put you into a hypnotic trance, and we mean that in the best way.

Using a new video game controller for the first time

There’s nothing worse than being the player who has to use the broken controller. Whether it’s dealing with an unresponsive button or sticky trigger, it can get very frustrating. But the feeling of holding a brand new controller — one that’s ripped straight from it’s packaging —is one of pure satisfaction. (However, a finicky controller is no longer an excuse for losing.)

Finding the perfect thing to watch

It’s 2015 and we are more fortunate than ever to have an abundance of movies and TV shows to watch — almost too much. So when it comes to deciding what to watch during dinner or on a Sunday afternoon, it can be a tough choice. Add in a significant other who doesn’t quite know what he or she wants to watch, and you’ve got yourself a near impossible decision. However, when you hover over a movie or TV show that instantly clicks with you, it is one of the most satisfying moments in life.

When you order a package and it arrives a day before it said it would

It doesn’t matter what time of year it happens. When you order something online and it arrives before the expected delivery date, it feels like your birthday and a childhood snow day rolled into one. One minute you’re sitting on your couch, twiddling your thumbs, and the next, you’re hugging the mailman. The most satisfying part is when you forget what you had ordered and opening it turns into a fun surprise.

Seeing your name on a global leaderboard

Beating your friends is certainly an exciting moment, especially if you’ve been struggling to do so for quite some time, but nothing compares to the satisfaction you get from seeing your name on a global leaderboard. No matter what the game is or what system it’s on, seeing your name on the screen is like getting your initials on the high scoreboard at the arcade... except this arcade is visited by players around the globe.

Actually getting on the wifi at a cafe

Working out of that adorable cafe that just opened in your neighborhood seems like a great idea. You can order a latte, maybe sit in one of their couches, and get all of your work done. Then you realize the truth — you can’t connect to their "free" wifi. Getting on a cafe’s network is often harder than connecting to your neighbor’s wifi. However, when you do finally connect, it is truly a satisfying moment.

Making it to your charger at 1%

The 20% warning strikes. You brush it off, knowing that you have enough battery to last you the rest of the night. Then out of nowhere, you get the 10% notice. How did it drop down so quickly? Is there something wrong with my battery? There’s no time to answer these questions as you frantically ask around for a phone charger. You’re closing in on 1% quickly. At the last minute, someone hands you a charger and you race to the nearest outlet. The satisfaction that comes with plugging in that phone right before it dies is like no other.

Eating a SNICKERS® Bar

That moment hunger strikes at work and you can’t focus. It’s lunchtime, but you’re too busy to step away from your desk. Then, you realize you have a SNICKERS® Bar in your drawer. Victory. You bite into pure satisfaction and the woes of the day melt away.

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