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A young couple sits outside at a small dining set in front of their parked van, which is set up with solar panels on top and an EcoFlow Power Kit inside. Photos courtesy of EcoFlow

The 1 power kit you need for all your #VanLife dreams

Meet EcoFlow’s newest solution for off-grid living.

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z#VanLife has been a thing for many years, but the pandemic really kicked our desire to seek the outdoors into high gear. And van dwellers aren’t the only ones, either. Polls showed that huge swaths of people sought out less densely populated areas, whether they were hitting the road in RVs, becoming aspiring wilderness influencers, or going off-grid completely. You may even be one of them!

The allure of living life on the road, combined with the ease of working remotely, have made it more appealing than ever to leave your city and set out on a different path. But whether you’re setting up your “Building Our Homestead” YouTube channel or just looking for some peace and quiet out in the woods, there’s one thing you’ll be bringing along: tech, and all kinds of it. And, famously, that tech will require electricity. That’s why the number one accessory for all #VanLife-rs and wilderness lovers isn’t a tricked-out camper or ultralight hiking gear, it’s the newly launched EcoFlow Power Kit.

The EcoFlow Power Kit.

EcoFlow has long been known as a reliable maker of battery systems, but now they’re going even bigger. The Power Kit is a semi-permanent, modular system that is adaptable to fit any off-grid electrical needs. They’re designed to be simple to set up, allow a variety of inputs and outputs, and handle fast charging from one central hub.

The Power Hub is the starting point of the design, and ties together all the component systems that adapt as you see fit. It’s the industry’s first 5-in-1 central power system that combines all inputs and outputs, whether you’re looking to add solar panels, shore power, batteries, or multiple output chargers. Whatever kind of system works best for your needs can be built from the central hub. In doing so, it saves a lot of space for anyone looking to downsize. The hub itself weighs in at only 31 pounds, and plugging in involves far fewer wires or nodes than you might expect from a full-coverage system, meaning much faster installation time.

Once you have the hub set up, the rest is even easier. Batteries are made from Lithium-Iron-Phosphate ions, giving them a longer cycle life at a reasonable cost, and come in both 5k and 2k Wh options depending on your needs. Other accessories, like an AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, can help you distribute power with precise control. After that, it’s a matter of strapping on solar panels (the hub can support multiple types) and getting everything up and running. The end result is fast charging, multiple output options, and peace of mind when it comes to energy availability. It’s also safer, thanks to the 48V system (compared to the 12/24V systems). A maximum 3600W output, that can surge to 6000W, can power the big appliances when you’re on the road, like AC units, water heaters and hair dryers.

The Power Kit is also designed for seamless use in off-grid setups.

Of course, there’s an app to help you track inputs and outputs to your new electrical setup. Simplicity is the name of the game here — EcoFlow has designed the system to be significantly more accessible to a standard DIY hobbyist. And as a final detail for the prepper-minded among us, a Power Kit Console offers control over users’ power consumption and can display charge levels and other flow data directly, so it still works even when WiFi and Bluetooth are off. It’s a user-friendly way to get out on the road or off-grid and not worry about dead tech.

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