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How this Vox Media staffer stays hydrated all day long

From coffee in bed to seltzer with dinner.

A photo collage featuring a photo of an orange Hydro Flask tumbler and a selfie of a woman holding a blue Hydro Flask tumbler.
Maggie Cassidy with her Hydro Flask tumbler.
Photo-illustration by Sarah Rose Greenberg
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When you’re juggling a busy day packed with activities, staying hydrated — whether that’s from water, tea, juice, or other beverages — is often the last thing on your mind. Amid the priorities of a chaotic workday, a packed schedule of running errands, or a long day out and about, it’s hard to stay mindful of hydration, and it’s also difficult to find a sturdy container to take beverages on the go.

That’s where the new Hydro Flask All Around Tumblers™ come in: They’re designed with busy days in mind, with features that make hydration more convenient. The tumblers are equipped with the Hydro Flask Closeable Press-In lid, which helps prevent spills, and the TempShield® insulation helps keep drinks warm or cold for hours. It comes in three sizes — 12, 16, and 20 ounces — and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Think of it as an even more versatile version of the classic Hydro Flask water bottle.

To test out the tumbler in several different scenarios, we sent the 16 oz to Maggie Cassidy, a Senior Scriptwriter at Vox Creative. Cassidy’s days are packed with activities, including her daily walk in Brooklyn and cat-sitting duties. Read on to hear how she used her Hydro Flask tumbler throughout her workday to make staying hydrated a little more convenient and joyful.

7 am: Coffee in bed

“I always start my day off with a hot cup of coffee. It has to be hot — I hate iced coffee in the morning. I eat breakfast in bed and watch TV before I start the day, with my coffee next to me. I’ve been putting my coffee in my Hydro Flask tumbler, which keeps it nice and hot, and because the tumbler has a lid I can lay down in bed and drink it.”

The Hydro Flask tumbler being taken on a walk in Brooklyn.
Photo-illustration by Sarah Rose Greenberg

10 am: Starting the workday

“At 10, I’ll sit down at my desk and work for a few hours. I keep the Hydro Flask tumbler on my desk. If I have it within my line of vision, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s right there and I should drink it,’ so it’s easy to remember to stay hydrated. I also used a straw, which you can add with the Press-In Straw Lid, which made it more convenient to drink out of.”

1 pm: Post-lunch walk

“Depending on the schedule of my day, I’ll either go to the gym for a midday run or take a walk somewhere. I always bring a beverage with me, whether it’s water or hot tea. I usually take my daily walk down to McCarren Park in Brooklyn and back, which is about two and a half miles. If I’m not walking to the park or gym, I’ll go to the grocery store or the hardware store.”

6 pm: Workout and cat-sitting

“I’ll come back from my walk, work some more, and then finish out the day. If I haven’t gone on a run yet that day, I’ll go to the gym or I’ll go to a yoga class down the street. Lately, I’ve also had to add in a trip to my old apartment down the street, where I’m cat-sitting for my old roommate. I’ll hang out with the cat for a little bit and chill with him.”

Max the cat with the Hydro Flask tumbler.
Photo-illustration by Sarah Rose Greenberg

8 pm: Seltzer and dinner

“After doing a workout, I’ll come home and either make dinner or go out to dinner. With dinner, I often have seltzer. My favorite flavor of seltzer water is plain, so sometimes I’ll add in a slice of lemon — lately, I’ve been pouring a can of seltzer into the tumbler and putting lemon in that.”

9 pm: Tea before bedtime

“I’ll eat dinner, shower, sit on the couch, and watch some reality TV. Then, I like to finish the night with hot decaf tea in the Hydro Flask. It’s a nice thing to wind down with. After that, I’ll get into bed around 10, 10:30 pm and be asleep by 11.”

Cassidy’s final thoughts on the Hydro Flask tumbler? “I would absolutely recommend these tumblers to a friend. I love these. I can see myself taking this to the beach this summer to keep my drinks cool.” Whether you’re hitting the beach, commuting in Brooklyn, or sitting around the campfire, the Hydro Flask tumbler’s convenient and versatile features allow you to stay hydrated at any time — no matter where you are or how busy your day is.

*Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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