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The Powerful Science Behind the Power of Travel

Traveling can do a lot more for us than just providing a break from our day-to-day. Studies have linked travel to possible increases in creativity, enhanced brain function, and overall well-being, along with boosts in mental and physical health. Vox Creative, in partnership with Marriott Bonvoy, sought out artists and entrepreneurs who have experienced these benefits first-hand and took a closer look into the science behind it all. Experience the possibilities of travel with the content below.

Watch the Video: Your Brain on Travel

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Diving into the Unknown: Artist Lo Harris faces fears and reignites her creative fuel in Cancun

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Digging to the Roots: Sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook discovers wine’s heart in France

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Chasing the Coastline: Artist Ivy Weinglass unearths inspiration along the Pacific Coast Highway

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Take the Quiz: Unlock the Science Behind Your Next Vacation

It’s no secret that travel can have a positive impact on us, but just how deep can its influence go? In the 1960s, neuroscientist Dr. Marian Diamond (who famously studied the brain of Dr. Albert Einstein) dismantled the belief that the human brain was unchangeable and only declined with age. Her extensive research proved that, if the brain is in an enriched environment, it can grow and renew its connections — so booking that hotel and ticket to that bucket list-destination may be exactly what you, and your mind, need.

How does it all work? Understand the science with the Explainer Studio and find on what happens to your brain on travel. Then read on for new perspectives on the deeper impact of travel, in the words of artist Lo Harris, ceramicist Ivy Weinglass, and sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook. Recounting recent vacations that provoked new inspiration, connections, and affirmations, these artists experienced the profound effects of travel firsthand. And when you’re feeling ready to book, use the quiz to plan your next vacation destination — and see where the science may lead you.

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