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Illustrations by Brittany Falussy

The Production of ‘Are You Sleeping?’

Are You Sleeping? is a podcast from the sleep experts at Mattress Firm produced by Vox Creative and Rococo Punch.

This advertising content was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and our sponsor, without involvement from Vox Media editorial staff.

Are You Sleeping? couldn’t have been made without the hard work and collaboration of the talented production team, host, and guests. Meet the team behind the production below:

Vox Creative

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner, Supervising Producer

Annu Subramanian, Executive Producer

Taylor Henry, Production Manager

Jessica Bae, Production Coordinator

Kiana Moore, VP, Content Production

Allison Keeley, Story Hunter

Brittany Falussy, Design Director

Ashlie Juarbe, Designer

Rebecca Gibian, Copy-Editor

Kat Gutierrez, Director of Client Success

Alex Andrial, Associate Director of Client Success

Rococo Punch

Catherine Fenollosa, Senior Producer

Andrea Asuaje, Producer

Elin Lantz Lesser, Producer

James Trout, Technical Director

Mattress Firm

Heather Barrett, Tamalpais Endeavors Consulting, Executive Producer and Content Strategist

Ginger Schuster, Director Website Strategy

Dominic Fails, SVP, Media

Sam Bennett, SVP, Mattress Firm Brand and Creative

Jefferson Burruss, Senior Director Brand,

Fred McIntyre, Business Development

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