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‘Are You Sleeping?’ Trailer

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Meet host Kate Berlant as she pulls back the covers on real stories about why we can’t sleep, how sleep shapes who we are, and the huge price we pay when we don’t get enough… Check out the trailer below, and subscribe now!

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KATE: I’m Kate Berlant. I’m an actor, comedian, writer, and I’m the host of ‘Are You Sleeping?’, a new podcast about sleep from the sleep experts at Mattress Firm and Vox Creative.


KATE: For some, sleep is a struggle. For others, a gift. On ‘ARE YOU SLEEPING?’, we’’’ meet people with some of the most fascinating sleep stories you’ve ever heard.


KATE: People who have a magic gene that allows them to thrive on only a few hours of rest.

DR. YING-HUI FU: These people are very healthy and they’re very happy and they’re like Homo Sapiens 2.0. And some of them have fantastic memories. You know, they can speak 13 languages, you go like, “Wow.” [LAUGHS]

KATE: Or a guy who becomes paralyzed — I’m talking about being trapped in a nightmare — who has devoted his career to helping other people escape this terrifying feeling.

Oh, and a woman who composes music while she’s asleep.


AMY: My mom came around the corner. She said, Oh, what is that piece? And I said, “I wrote it.” And she said, “When did you write that?” And I said, “Last night in my dream, you know,” [LAUGHS] she was like, “What?”

KATE: Sleep is universal, and it’s also deeply personal. Some people are forced to sleep at unusual times or in unusual places.

KAMERON: When I was living in my car alone, that was like a Nissan Sentra, I slept in the driver’s seat, fully put down.

Kameron: Basically 24/7 I was just on edge. You know, it just feels like you’ve been emotionally and like mentally, you’ve been like scrubbed down really hard.

KATE: There are so many challenges to find sleeping. But shouldn’t it be one of the most natural things we do? I mean, even before we enter the world and take our first breath, we’re already sleeping in the womb


KATE: So, what’s wrong with the way we rest?

BENJAMIN REISS: People are always gravitating toward new products, new drugs, new systems, new advice books. Why have we made such a mess out of this basic human activity?

DR. SHELBY HARRIS: Perfect sleep, I think, is this illusion. It shouldn’t actually be that way.

BENJAMIN REISS: There’s something kind of wild about it. It’s this part of our animal identity, that we sleep and we wake, and we don’t all do it in the same way.


KATE: So, are you sleeping? No, really, are you?

JOANNE: It is very lonely. I’m wide awake, and I look around. There are no lights on in the neighborhood. Everyone’s asleep.

BRIAN: I was dealing with a lot of things in my life that I was trying to control, not realizing that you can’t control everything. You gotta let go and surrender. I never had a dream again.

KATE: On this podcast, we’re going to pull back the covers on all of it. Why we can’t sleep, how sleep shapes who we are, and the huge price we pay when we don’t get enough.


DR. SHELBY HARRIS: When we don’t sleep, it affects our memory and affects our ability to think clearly and fast. It affects our mood. We have higher rates of depression, higher rates of anxiety, irritability, relationship problems.

DR. SHELBY HARRIS: I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right? I think there’s this idea of, you’ve got to work, work, work and sleep is that side thing that when you can or eventually when you retire, then you’ll catch up on it. But the reality is, it doesn’t work that way.

KATE: Plus, we’ve got sleep experts who will help answer your pressing sleep questions.


ELIZABETH: I’ve been using my smartwatch while I sleep.

DAN: They are completely afraid of and/or against sleeping on their own.

MARCY: I feel like to be at my mental and physical best to care for my daughter, I need to be able to sleep.

CHRIS: That really isn’t working. So, uh, help!

KATE: ‘Are You Sleeping?’ — A new podcast from the sleep experts at Mattress Firm and Vox Creative.

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