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How a Wellness Expert Makes the Morning Extra Good

7 products he swears by for a productive, energizing routine.

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Like many, many things in the world, the classic morning routine still looks wildly different than it did before, well, everything. With a lot of uncertainty lingering about the future, it’s important to remember that we can only control what’s within our own grasp, and our routines are one of them. A bunch of us have re-worked our morning routines to complement WFH lifestyles and hybrid schedules — and we’re still obsessing over the people who seem to have crafted the perfect-yet-doable productivity tactics.

That’s why we asked Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga (the head of retail, experiences, and partnerships at a wellness startup) for some of his favorite products to make a morning really, truly good. “I take my morning routine to the next level by dancing in my apartment or sometimes on my way to the subway,” Gonzalez-Zuniga says. “It’s important to me to keep my mind refreshed and clear throughout the day. Taking mental breaks is just as important for me, and a key to being as productive as I can be.”

It’s also why Nespresso’s Vertuo Boost Coffee Capsules — which add 20% more caffeine per capsule than the regular capsules — are the ideal complement for an energizing and productive morning. (Plus, they come in a range of flavors.) Read on for Gonzalez-Zuniga’s morning hacks, and favorite products, to help you be your best self, no matter how early the alarm rings.

Price Range

Nespresso Vertuo Stormio Boost & Melozio Boost Vertuo Coffee Capules

“I typically balance my caffeine intake with a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast, and another coffee in the late afternoon when I need that extra boost to finish off my workdays strong,” Gonzalez-Zuniga explains. “It also helps keep me more focused and engaged during my longer workouts and aids in me tackling all the things on my to-do list!” Nespresso’s Vertuo Coffee Capsules add 20 percent more caffeine per capsule than classic Nespresso options, giving an extra perk.

High-Powered Blender

“I make smoothies with fruits and veggies in a flash that are jam-packed with nutrition to keep me fueled up,” he says. After all, eating carbohydrate-rich fruits can help replenish your glycogen levels and keep you energized.

Antioxidant Body Wash

A steaming morning shower can wake up your body and mind. And who doesn’t love feeling refreshed after a particularly early wake-up call? Gonzalez-Zuniga goes for a body wash that’s “both refreshing and clean, with just the right amount of scent.”

Filtered Water Bottle

Gonzalez-Zuniga drinks from a water bottle with its own filtration system to stay hydrated throughout the morning, he says. (He opts for one small enough to pack in a gym tote.) Water filtration can help remove water impurities, but for some, it just happens to make each drink taste a lot better.

Foldable Duffel Bag

If you’re a city-dweller or commuter, then you know how vital a catchall duffel can be for train rides, walks, coffee-shop working and running to the office. “I use this to keep all my productivity essentials in one easy-to-transport bag — like my laptop, gym clothes, and electronics,” Gonzalez-Zuniga answers.

Portable Mini Massager

Physical exercise is vital for not only your mood but also for optimal health. But intense workouts can lead to muscle soreness and tightness, without proper stretching and care. A good massage can help decrease inflammation. He’s a huge fan of using a portable massaging tool, noting: “I love to use this post-workout to keep my muscles from becoming too tight, or sore.”

Technical Running Sneakers

“The pandemic taught me to take time out of the day to go for walks, practice meditation to clear my head, and carve out time for physical activities,” Gonzalez-Zuniga explains. The right gear can make or break a running or power-walking session. “These sneakers are so comfortable, and they look great with any outfit!”

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