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The making of a love story

How Palestinian-Jordanian artist Sarah Bahbah brings her signature aesthetic to life on film

You may recognize Sarah Bahbah’s work from social media, where she has built a massive following around her unique style of photography. Sarah captures intimate and mesmerizing moments with her subjects, and pairs them with poetic, thought-provoking captions.

In her latest piece I ____ YOU, Sarah translates her talent for visual storytelling into an art film – the first short film she has ever written and directed. Vox Creative and WeTransfer got an exclusive look at the making of and followed her on her filmmaking journey. In doing so, we peel back the curtain on her creative process and the tools that allow her to make great work.

Raised in Australia by immigrant parents, Sarah’s culturally conservative upbringing led her to a great rebellion through art. She believes in embracing emotional freedom to break taboos and celebrates the liberation of guilt and shame through artistic expression.

Watch the documentary to see how Sarah brought her vision for the script to life and learn how she utilized WeTransfer’s newest features to collaborate with her team.

The making of I ____ YOU

Short documentary featuring Sarah Bahbah, directed by Kristian Mercado

As the documentary shows, film production is a very collaborative process. Here, we meet some of the key people Sarah is working with to execute her vision, including the Director of Photography and the Production Designer. We also get to see how Sarah reviews materials with tools like WeTransfer, provides feedback throughout the pre-production process to her crew, and gives notes and approvals when it comes to post-production.

I ____ YOU

Film by Sarah Bahbah

Sarah’s original short is rooted in the idea of a woman telling her partner “I love you” for the first time. She wrote and directed the film herself, working with trusted actors and crew to create a poignant and powerful piece of art that was born out of total honesty and vulnerability.


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