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For this Cowboys fan, dedication runs 4 generations deep

Chase Smith is holding the torch for the blue and silver that goes back 60 years.

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The Dallas Cowboys snapped their first football in 1960 — and that’s how far back Chase Smith can trace his family’s fandom. His grandfather watched the ‘Boys do their thing from day one, and Chase is continuing a tradition that has seen dark days and Super Bowl runs. Even though he lives in Montana now, Chase always finds a way to cheer on his team whenever and wherever they play.

The NFL launched the Fan of the Year contest presented by Captain Morgan to celebrate extraordinary fans who inspire others through their love of football and bring an “original spice” to what it means to be a fan. In collaboration with the 32 teams, the NFL collected nearly 35,000 submissions from fans vying for the chance to represent their team as a nominee. The contest will identify one winner among the final 32 nominees to be named the ultimate NFL Fan of the Year at NFL Honors in February 2022.

Here’s what makes Chase one of the candidates for NFL Fan of the Year sponsored by Captain Morgan.

How would you describe your own original spice and how you bring it to your team?

Chase Smith: I’m very competitive and a good sport at the same time. When I’m at home watching the game, my competitive side is out and I’m louder and more obnoxious in a good way! But when I’m in public, I love to show good sportsmanship and set a good example as a loyal fan and show some class.

Why do you love being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys?

CS: It’s more than just cheering for a team, it’s life and family and loyalty. The feeling of knowing it’s game day just gets me hyped and knowing the ‘Boys with the stars on their helmets are about to come on TV. There’s nothing like it!

What is the original spice of Cowboys fans?

CS: Cowboys fans are the greatest in the world! We are a family. Players come and go, but the team is always there. Win or lose.

What is the most rewarding part of being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys?

CS: I get to spread my fandom 365 days a year. I’ve made lots of new friends over the years just talking football, especially when someone sees I’m wearing Cowboys gear. We can just strike up a conversation and that’s really rewarding, I get to meet all these cool people and then stay in touch with them.

How do you like to watch the game?

CS: I love watching the game at my parents’ house with three generations of Cowboys fans all huddling around the TV and carrying on the tradition in our family.

How did you become a fan of the Cowboys?

CS: I became a Cowboys fan with my Dad and Mom. Every Sunday the Cowboys were on TV. As I watched more and got older, I knew I was meant to be a Cowboys fan especially being a third-generation fan and growing up in Texas. I learned my grandfathers have been watching them since 1960 so let’s just say I’m blue and silver for life!

Why are Dallas and the Cowboys the perfect combination?

CS: They are Dallas’ heart and soul. When the team is winning you know the city is hopping, and people are friendlier and it’s a great atmosphere.

Do you have game day superstitions?

CS: I do have game day superstitions — during field goals I pull my shirt over my eyes and turn around, I can’t watch. People think I am weird, but it is only weird if it doesn’t work!

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