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NFL’s Fan of the Year, Presented By Captain Morgan

Watch “We Bring On the Spice,” featuring some of the NFL’s most dedicated fans.


For this Cowboys fan, dedication runs 4 generations deep

The second-generation Giant who flies 3,000 miles for home games

How the Queen of the Jets brings her spice to every game

Coming soon: the LA Chargers

Coming Soon: the Washington Football Team

Coming soon: the LA Rams

Coming soon: the Arizona Cardinals

Extraordinary football fans deserve to be recognized, which is why the NFL and Captain Morgan teamed up to present the Fan of the Year program. These fans wear their passion like a badge of honor and bring an “original spice” to what it means to be a fan.

The NFL collected nearly 35,000 submissions from fans of all 32 clubs, each one vying for a chance to represent their team as a nominee for the NFL Fan of the Year Honors in February of 2022. Get to know some of this year’s nominees as they compete for the ultimate fandom crown.

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