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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Everyone on Your List

From the perfect electric bike to a sustainable speaker.

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If there’s one “trend” that’ll never go out of style, it’s sustainability. According to a recent survey, 77 percent of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy, and 64 percent say they’d pay more for sustainable products. As more consumers discover how buying habits tie into environmental impact, eco-friendly products will become even more in-demand.

Speaking of shopping, the holidays are just around the corner. If you’re tracking down gifts with an eco-conscious angle, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 10 unique gifts that keep sustainability in mind, at a wide range of prices for all types of conscious consumers.

One gift you’ll definitely want to check out is an electric bike from Rad Power Bikes. Rad — which is North America’s biggest e-bike brand — is known for selling sleek designs at price points on the more affordable end of the e-bike spectrum. Ahead, more on those eco-conscious bikes, plus other great, sustainability-focused presents that anyone would be thrilled to unwrap.

RadCity 5 Plus Electric Bike

  • $1,799

Give the gift of easier (and more exciting) transportation with an e-bike that will take you anywhere. Ideal for commuting across the city or just getting fresh air on an afternoon ride, an e-bike is an excellent alternative to a car or cab. The RadCity 5 Plus features a geared-hub motor that climbs hills quickly and a removable, rechargeable battery. Hydraulic-disc brakes add more stopping power and control for navigating around hills, sharp turns, and inevitable jaywalkers. It doesn’t hurt that the design is easy on the eyes.

Eco-friendly earbud case

  • $30

If someone on your list is constantly listening to music or podcasts, then buy a perfect protector for their earbuds. Try a style that’s made from plant-based materials and that can help protect those precious buds from dents, scratches, and the occasional drop. Even better if you buy from a company that donates money toward ocean preservation.

Solar-powered smartphone cases

  • $99

There’s a case for every smartphone out there, but why not try a solar-powered one? Stay powered up through practically any scenario — even while on a multi-day hike or camping excursion, for example — with a battery that recharges via sunlight. You can even find four-packs of water-repellent cases with built-in extras like flashlights and additional USB chargers.

Bamboo Bluetooth speaker

  • $150

You can find plenty of great-sounding speakers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll use sustainable materials. Try a mini Bluetooth model that boasts 10 hours of playtime, thanks to a rechargeable battery, so you and your friends can listen to holiday music all day long. A solid bamboo face adds a natural touch, the speaker’s fabric is eco-friendly, and the packaging is 100-percent recyclable.

Recycled backpack

  • $89

For those who need a bag that’ll carry all the things, go for a streamlined backpack made with recycled materials. Two large compartments can store reusable water bottles, a laptop, and more, while the external pocket has enough room for small daily essentials.

Self-cleaning reusable water bottle

  • $95

Speaking of water bottles: gone are the days of tossable, single-use plastic. This variation has a built-in water-purification system that uses UV-C LED light to help eliminate more than 99.9 percent of bio-contaminants. The purification cycle runs every two hours, or at the push of a button.

Compostable smartwatch band

  • $45

For joggers, power-walkers, and energy-trackers alike, a unique smartwatch band is a stylish way to embrace sustainability. Made from compostable materials, this watch band is flexible and functional, with a quick-release metal clasp that makes replacing or switching your band a breeze.

Smart light bulbs

  • $147
  • $160
  • 9% off

Lightbulbs might not be the first-holiday gift on your mind, but think about how many people you know who’ve moved in the past few years and could use a good home decor gift. Smart bulbs are recyclable, have a longer lifespan (meaning less waste), and consume less energy than traditional bulbs. Once these are installed (which is easy to do, by the way), you can set moods and colors throughout your home. Your giftee will enjoy connecting the smart bulbs to other smart home devices, plus controlling them with voice commands.

Electric coffee warmer

  • $100

Searching for a treat for that coffee-lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Designed for both home and IRL offices, a coffee-warming mug allows you to keep your latte at the ideal temp for about an hour and a half (or all day if you use a charging coaster). Set an exact drinking temperature, and keep your coffee tasting just the way you like it for longer. It’s better than running out for yet another $10 drink.

PVC-free waist pack

  • $50

It’s not especially convenient for avid travelers, backpackers, hikers, or other outdoor enthusiasts to travel with essential items in their hands, so they’ll definitely be pleased to get this waist pack. The pack lets you stash important items on the front or the side for easy retrieval. Even better? It’s designed with recycled landfill materials and doesn’t use any PVC.

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