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A white Roborock vacuum sits in an open gift box surrounded by wrapped holiday gifts. Photo courtesy of Roborock

4 Gifts to Keep Your Home Clean

There’s a great vacuum for everyone, whether you want compact and robotic or classic yet cordless.

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With the end of the year approaching, it’s time to start crossing off the names on your “to-gift” list. Considering the supply chain issues and the typical delays tied to holiday shipping, why not get a head start? Whether you’re shopping for your friends, family, or yourself, this array of Roborock vacuums will help you find the perfect gift to satisfy anyone’s cleaning needs.

S4 Max

  • $430

This model highlights just how intelligent a robotic vacuum can be. Advanced features include automatic recognition of up to four maps, highly customizable cleaning, and specific-area cleaning. The S4 Max can identify each room in your house, allowing you to define the exact sequence in which you want your rooms cleaned, and even what level of suction to use in each room. For times when you don’t need your whole home cleaned, you can define a specific room or group of rooms, or for finer control, you can draw up to five cleaning zones. You also can arrange up to 10 no-go zones and 10 invisible walls.

Roborock S7+

  • $950

The newest, most powerful bundle Roborock released this year to satisfy all your needs for cleaning. If you use the S7 with the auto-empty dock, it’s more convenient than ever, turning bin emptying from a regular chore into an occasional one. The HEPA-rated, self-emptying dustbin filters and traps allergens and airborne pollutants, allowing for easy, hands-free debris disposal. The S7 itself is equipped with Roborock’s patented VibraRise™ technology that scrubs floors up to 3,000 times per minute. The S7 is also smart enough to lift the mop automatically when carpets are detected, to avoid dampening the carpets. The S7+ is the best choice for you to leverage innovation.

S6 MaxV

  • $750

Using dual cameras, the S6 MaxV not only sees obstacles in its path, but also helps accurately estimate their location and size — and then reroutes around them. Dual cameras capture detailed images, allowing powerful image processing to view and recognize common robot-vacuum problems such as pet waste, power strips, and pedestals. Instead of getting caught on an obstacle or causing a mess, the S6 MaxV will avoid obstructions and clean without interruption. Equipped with infrared imaging, it can also see in the dark. Combined with Roborock’s renowned PreciSense™ LiDAR navigation system, home navigation is fast and efficient, day or night.


  • $460

This is the second-generation, cordless stick vacuum from Roborock. Its motor has been updated to 480W, and it can create up to a massive 160AW of constant suction power. It can easily lift dirt from floors and reach deep into carpets, beds, and upholstery. The vacuum’s 3.2-pound weight is lighter than many cordless vacuums on the market, helping it move easily around the home and tackle high-up or tricky spots. The H7 also brings magnetic easy-store attachments on all accessories, letting you quickly snap them onto the dock for fast, space-efficient storage.

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