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portable power station on wooden table outside

6 portable power stations for every scenario

EcoFlow wants you to stay powered for hours, whenever and wherever you are. 

Courtesy of EcoFlow
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Convenience is of utmost importance in this day and age, especially when it comes to technology. We expect to be able to answer work emails from just about anywhere, have an espresso ready at the touch of a button, and keep track of our steps (and our texts) with our smartwatch. But, of course, all of these things require power — which isn’t always handy if we’re on the road, off the grid, or in the middle of an outage.

Enter: EcoFlow, whose ever-growing line of mobile power stations puts it at the forefront of portable power. EcoFlow’s quiet, versatile, and sustainable options come in a wide range of sizes and provide the adaptability needed for every kind of lifestyle. Whether you’re a full-time van-lifer or want to be prepared for an emergency, there’s a portable power unit that will keep you lit up, powered on, and fully equipped — for any scenario.

The RIVER mini

Gazing up at the stars, appreciating the surrounding nature, and sinking into a cozy sleeping bag is the perfect escape from the bustling busyness of everyday life. However, no camping trip goes well without the proper setup. Keeping devices powered up — from the mini fire pit to the flashlight — is essential while sleeping outdoors. The RIVER mini (which can fit in the palm of your hand) can power up to 6 must-have devices simultaneously, with multiple outlet options to boot. Get your device re-charged to 80% in just one hour thanks to X-Stream charging technology — perfect for traveling to your destination and setting up camp with multiple devices.

DELTA mini

First aid kit, phone mount, emergency kit, spare keys — check. According to a recent survey, 84% of holiday travelers are planning to hit the road instead of booking a flight. Going out on a cross-country adventure requires extra preparations and equipment for security, comfort, and ease. The DELTA mini is the lightest of the DELTA family — ideal for taking along for the ride. The 1400W output can charge up to 12 devices and features an array of wall-style outlets, so you’ll never run out of juice along the way.


Do-it-yourself projects are a fantastic method of saving money — and, for many, a passion. From woodworking to furniture restoration and simple crafts, the right tools are necessary for productivity. The DELTA can power most heavy-duty DIY tools and home appliances with 1260Wh capacity. The X-Stream technology allows the DELTA to recharge at 10x the speed of most portable power stations. Use it at the worksite or in the backyard — it offers all the outlets and ports you need so that you can power up anywhere, anytime.

Portable energy station sitting on beach campsite Courtesy of EcoFlow


“Van life” bloggers, photographers, and documentary-makers have been gaining traction online for years, enticing followers with their simple lifestyle and minimalistic approach. To remain prepared for any event while on the road, opt for the DELTA Max. This portable powerhouse comes with a solar-powered battery that delivers 800W max solar charging speeds and you can connect it with extra batteries (which expands up to 6kWh) for prolonged indoor and outdoor use. Keep your laptop, phone, and other devices charged up indefinitely for remote work and vlogging as you road trip to your next destination.

DELTA Bundle

Although we wish they didn’t happen, flooding, hurricanes, and other environmental disasters are increasingly common occurrences. In case of emergency, stock up on essential products that will sustain you during a multi-day outage. To keep the lights on — and your vital appliances working — opt for the DELTA Bundle. This bundle includes a DELTA power station and two 110W solar panels for a sustainable way to power up. With X-Boost, the DELTA can power heavy-duty appliances like the washer/dryer and refrigerator to keep your equipment running without interruption. With the two 110W solar panels, you can charge up to 100% in just 7-14hours so you and your family will never have to go without.

DELTA Max (1600) Bundle

There are plenty of reasons to go green — more and more consumers are realizing the power they have. According to this study, 89% of home buyers were looking with sustainability in mind. But what does sustainability in a home look like? For starters, switching to energy-efficient appliances, incorporating more recycled materials, and utilizing solar energy where possible. The DELTA Max (1600) Bundle can be combined with EcoFlow’s smart generator for 3100W charging speeds, or with solar panels to get up to 800W. The four 110W solar panels allow you to fully charge the DELTA Max (1600) in 4.5 to 9 hours on renewable energy — a vital component of eco-friendly living. Plus, you can control and monitor your energy usage with the EcoFlow App.

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EcoFlow RIVER mini

EcoFlow DELTA mini


Ecoflow DELTA Max

EcoFlow DELTA Bundle

EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) Bundle

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