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Courtesy of Bluetti

The Black Friday Deals from Bluetti You Won’t Want to Miss

Portable power stations and solar panels to fuel all of your off-grid adventures in 2022

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From a single idea — a portable, powerful source of electricity — Bluetti built out a whole line up of solar power storage products for adventurers and all kinds of off-grid lives, with the belief that personal power storage products are the 21st century equivalent of swords: tools that everyone can wield and use to find energy independence. The EB150 and EB240, Bluetti’s first products, launched on Amazon in July 2019 and have been well-received ever since. One year later, they released our flagship model AC200 on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding project and pulled in nearly $7 million in two months.

Courtesy of Bluetti

Bluetti will offer the biggest discounts ever for the whole product line on the Black Friday Sale, but these three series and the products below are the best deals. Here’s what you’ll find on sale this Black Friday:

For the unexpected power outage:

BLUETTI AC300 & B300 Portable Power Station

  • $2,999
  • $3,698
  • 19% off

The Bluetti AC300 and the B300 battery modules make a 100% modular power system, which means you can transport vast amount of power relatively easy. Each AC300 can accept up to four B300 external batteries(3072Wh per pack), adding up to a total of 12,288Wh — good luck running out of power. With the AC300 and B300, you can power your whole family’s basic needs for days during emergencies or power outages.

The AC300 and B300 are capable of receiving 2,400 watts of MPPT solar charging input, making it easier than ever to go full-time solar. And recharging them is faster than ever, thanks to a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter able to adjust the AC charging rate. All of this tech can be controlled by a a smartphone app via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Find out more about the Bluetti AC300 and B300 battery modules and save up to $4,000 on bundles this Black Friday.

For the unexpected power outage:

AC200MAX & B230 Portable Power Station

  • $1,899
  • $2,099
  • 10% off

The Bluetti AC200MAX is the evolved version of long-loved classic model AC200, which originally launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raised $6.7 million dollars in September 2020. The AC200MAX is packed with a 2048Wh LFP battery and 2200W pure sine wave inverter for heavy loads, and is also expandable with other Bluetti products (the B230 and B300). Each AC200MAX can take up to two external batteries and max up to 8192Wh. It’s also capable of receiving 900 watts of MPPT solar charging input; and the 2048wh battery pack can be quickly charged from 0 to 80% by prime sunshine in about 2 hours. Control it all with a smartphone app connection via Bluetooth. Learn more about the Bluetti AC200MAX and save up to $2,600 in bundles.

For the perfect camping trip:


Portable solar panels are perfect accessories for portable battery power stations when the wall outlets are out of reach. The BLUETTI PV120 and PV200 are foldable solar panels specially designed for campers, van-dwellers and small and medium-sized off-grid power systems. They’re made with monocrystalline solar cells, which many say are the most effective solar cells in the world because they’re able to produce a high amount of power — even when sunlight is lacking. These solar panels also feature improved shading performance: When part of the solar cells are blocked by shadows, leaves or other covers, the PV series solar panels won’t lose efficiency like other similar products. Find out more about the PV series solar panels, up to 20% off during Black Friday.

Other Bluetti deals to shop this Black Friday:

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