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Portable battery devices falling from the sky

The best deals on portable power stations for every situation

Charge multiple devices, take a road trip, or be prepared for the next emergency.

Courtesy of EcoFlow
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In an age when we can charge our phones with a pocket-sized battery pack, listen to music with cordless headphones, and hold the answers of the universe on a teeny, tiny, hand-sized hard drive, doesn’t it make sense to have a battery that can provide our homes and devices with power at any given moment? Portable power stations are vital for life’s ever-changing adventures — from sudden blackouts to last-minute camping trips. Moreover, they’re a safe and compact alternative to more expensive gas generators — and, because they don’t use harmful fuel or fumes, they can be used both indoors and out.

EcoFlow’s portable power solutions are both thoughtful in design and sustainable. Each battery is quiet, versatile, and provides rechargeable energy for outdoor enthusiasts, busy parents, and road trippers alike. This season, emissions-free energy comes with big discounts. Thanks to Black Friday, the battery of the future is on sale, right this way.

Ideal for the city-dweller

If you live in a bustling city, you know that outlets are almost as limited as counter space. And with many of us still working from makeshift home offices, the need to keep the wifi router, desktop, and phone going simultaneously has never been more important. The DELTA mini, which is heavily discounted at $849, is small enough to keep under your desk yet powerful enough to charge up to 12 different devices. The output of 1400W handles 90% of electronics, though you can boost the power to 1800W if you need it.

If you’d rather take it outside

Outdoor activities in the modern era just got a whole lot easier and more productive with the addition of the RIVER Pro, which is on sale for $549. Ideal for camping, road trips, and #vanlife adventures, the RIVER Pro offers up to 720Wh power and weighs just 16.8 lbs. Use more power for more devices (it can charge up to ten) like a wood-burning fire pit, portable grill, or food warmer. Get an extra $100 off when you apply the coupon before checkout.

Man off-the-grid camping with power station and laptop

When you’re off-the-grid

Some of us prefer the simpler things in life — and for many, that means being surrounded by nature and living with only the things you truly need. Going off-the-grid is all about sustainability and proclaiming freedom — but it can’t be done without some serious resource preparations. The EcoFlow DELTA, now on sale for $1,099, can be fully recharged by solar panels in about four hours, and fully charged through a 12/24V car adaptor in less than ten hours. The large inverter enables it to power most must-have home appliances and any heavier DIY tools.

Just in case of a storm

With climate change and coastal living, the possibility of bigger and stronger storms is a very real crisis to remain on top of. Luckily, with the help of the EcoFlow DELTA Max, you can prepare your home for any emergency. The average power outage can last for two hours, but major storms can knock it out for even longer. Leave the clunky, overpriced generators behind and opt for one that can power heavy-duty devices like your fridge and dryer while also keeping the lights shining bright. The DELTA Max can expand up to 6kWh with smart batteries, keeping your home powered throughout any emergency. Stay prepped and get it now for $1,899!

For on the road

The EcoFlow DELTA Bundle combines a 160W solar panel with the brand’s power station for improved solar charging in both cold and cloudy locations. This EcoFlow device, now priced at $1,649, has a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. The seamless one-piece design is dust and water-resistant while also protecting against harmful UV lights; ideal for using outdoors long-term, whether at home, at the campsite, or from the back of your RV.

Price Range

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Ecoflow DELTA Max

EcoFlow DELTA Bundle

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