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A robot vacuum gliding across the floor into another room Courtesy of Roborock

What’s inside your robot vacuum?

This smart device overcomes every household’s dilemma: chaos.

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Technology has advanced to the point of sending mere civilians to space, but despite where we are with modern science, there are still only 24 hours in a day. And those hours never seem like enough for many hectic households and jam-packed work schedules. Between dialing into video meetings, chasing after toddlers and pets, doing nonstop dishes, and somehow attempting to maintain some mental focus, cleaning often falls behind more pressing tasks.

Still, plenty of research shows a close correlation between the well-being of your family and the cleanliness of your home. One study even revealed that people are more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive when they’re in a clean environment. So, we have to make those 24 hours count — and that’s where robotic help comes in.

Enter the Roborock, which isn’t just any old robot vacuum. Although the robot-vacuum market is constantly evolving with new products and tech, not all robots will clean your home equally. To take the guesswork out of your next investment, we did a deep sweep of the latest developments, showing why the Roborock can help make every hour in the day count for more.

A black robot vacuum in a cream living room Courtesy of Roborock

Ban the hard-to-reach dust bunnies

Buildup often happens in the most unfortunate of places. There’s nothing worse than playing on the floor with your child and noticing a cluster of debris beneath the sofa, crib, bed, or table. Often, the worst messes accumulate in places we can’t reach, or inside angles that a classic, bulky vacuum cleaner will pass right over.

Roborock’s LiDAR (“light detection and ranging,” a type of laser-navigation technology) offers high levels of precision for mapping and cleaning, so your vacuum won’t just glide aimlessly around the room while missing debris in the shadows. LiDAR-based navigation helps generate an accurate map of your home’s layout, giving the vacuum a grid of where and how to clean efficiently.

Let’s avoid all obstacles

Picture this: You didn’t have time to clean the mess from the night before, so you turn on the robot vacuum of yesteryear. Unfortunately, instead of going around your favorite chair, the vacuum might get stuck beside it, in front of it, or underneath it.

That’s wasted cleaning time, and none of us want to spend our energy redirecting a device that’s supposed to be intelligent. With its new ReactiveAI™, Roborock’s dual-camera can perceive not only the type of object in its way but also the object’s depth. The results? A smart device that knows how to move about the household easier.

Say goodbye to baby spills

No matter how much childproofing a house has, babies like to scoot around and try to taste...pretty much everything. That means the state of the house can directly impact their health. With all the multitasking a baby requires, constantly dusting and mopping might be the last thing on your mind. But, children who are exposed to dust, dander, and bacteria are prone to more allergies and other diseases. Ideal for both new parents and pet owners alike, Roborock’s VibraRise technology has an intelligent Auto Mop Lift feature — yes, a robot vacuum that can effectively mop up messes.

From trickling sippy cups to footprints, the built-in ultrasonic carpet recognition tech means that the Robo will recognize when it’s on carpeted surfaces and when it’s safe to mop up a (yet another) morning disaster. Help diminish tough stains, and choose where you want the vacuum to go with designated no-go zones — for example, mopping over the bathroom rug.

Don’t let dust be a hassle

Removing cleaned-up dust is one of the most annoying parts of tidying: No one wants to touch the gross things held inside a vacuum. And if you’ve ever had the joy of emptying one, then you know the dust easily can spill back onto the floor upon release. But set aside the broom because Roborock has an auto-empty dock that empties dust and debris through the main brush, allowing it to pull out larger debris that would usually get caught inside. (Think, hairballs and sweater fuzz.)

Speaking of dust, the built-in filtration system captures up to 99 percent of floating particles to prevent dust leaks — important for allergy sufferers or those with asthma. An anti-bacterial dust bag self-seals when removed, and even better, an algorithm adjusts emptying times based on cleaning frequency and time of day, automatically emptying pesky debris at the best time for your household.

Lives are only getting busier, as we work in new ways, raise littles with changing schedules, and try to keep up an aesthetically pleasing yet functional living space. Investing in a product that takes some of the hassles out of everyday life? This is the future: Let technology do the heavy lifting.

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