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How to Throw a Summer Party in Two Hours or Less

Hint: you can get everything you’ll need delivered right to your door.

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Planning a get-together always seems like such a good idea — that is, until the last minute when you’re scrambling around trying to get everything together for said get-together. Maybe you grabbed the drinks but realized you forgot the ice just as the first guest stepped through the door. Maybe the pizza you ordered ended up being too small to share. Maybe you realized you don’t even have enough seats for everyone. Being the host with the most is no easy venture, especially when many of us are out of practice after a year without much socializing. Fortunately, apps like DoorDash are here to deliver practically everything you need to celebrate exactly the way you want.

Summer soirées should be convenient, and you don’t have to dash around to your local grocery or party store for last-minute items — when everything you (and your guests) could ever want is patiently waiting within the app. From your favorite neighborhood sushi hideouts to the tonic-infused cocktails you crave, DoorDash lets you choose from over 300,000 delivery spots across the U.S., Australia, and Canada. And while the service is best known for food delivery, DoorDash can bring you packs of ice, emergency toilet paper, sunscreen, and lots more. As we’re finally coming back out — press play on that disco playlist — we all deserve a friendly party without any fuss. So, throw on your best outfit, invite a few guests, and read on to see how you can party prep in two hours or less.

Friends sharing wings and fries for dinner Courtesy of DoorDash

Prepare the food

And by prepare, we mean order. Whether you’re hosting from your living room, the patio, or a full-blown suburban backyard, tasty treats are essential. (A caveat: our recos are based in NYC, but you can seek out equivalents for your location.) You can’t go wrong with a juicy burger with fries, or maybe you’ll want to indulge in local favorites that no one can say “no” to. Split a pepperoni pizza, have breakfast for dinner, or try trays of nachos from your favorite Mexican spot.

Are there a few kiddos attending? No worries, because snacks are abundant on DoorDash. For a birthday party, feast your eyes on a variety of ready-made ice cream cakes. Keep the littles from getting hangry with shareable sweets, like frosted cupcakes or a pint of ice cream. From bags of chips and canned soda to fresh organic juice, the options are endless.

table of beautiful summer cocktails Courtesy of DoorDash

Stock up on those drinks

What’s an adult party without a few choice beverages? After the past year, we deserve to let loose with a hip wiggle and an icy drink. Make an easy choice and order a few cases of beer for a casual get-together, or set up some gin & tonics, raspberry sgroppino, or sparkling sangria. If you’re of age, bottles of liquor and wine are readily available with a quick tap on DoorDash — with offerings like organic wine, coconut rum, and bubbly champagne, just to name a few.

Don’t forget the sun protection

DoorDash has partnered with regional and national convenience stores around the U.S. So wherever you are, whatever you want, places like 7-Eleven, Wawa, and Circle K are available to deliver essential household products. Think sunscreen, bug spray, and, if you’re lucky and have the space — a giant umbrella for the backyard.

The platform recently has added more than 1,800 convenience stores, providing near-instant access to everything from body-care products to over-the-counter medicine. To get the essentials you need in a flash, just look for the “Convenience” icon or banner at the top of the app.

Keep it clean

We all know how it is the next morning after throwing a party at your place: Plates are in the sink, takeout is overwhelming the fridge, and if kids are around, surfaces are a bit messier than usual. Luckily, DoorDash’s convenience can help here, too. Stock up on surface cleaners, wet wipes, wood polishers, sponges, and paper towels to get your home back to its almost-spotless state. You’ll be ready to entertain again (the easy way) before you know it.

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