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How this homeowner found the perfect decor piece

Maxey Greene’s dream home is becoming reality, all thanks to personalized ads on Facebook.

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There’s nothing quite like the “a-ha!” moment of discovering a big idea. Those good ideas deserve to be found, and personalized ads can help us find them. They’ve certainly helped model, new mom, and homeowner Maxey Greene. Maxey has had a long journey of self-discovery, from working in the fashion industry as a size 18 to becoming a mom. She’s had her ups and downs, but now? “I know who I am and what I love,” Maxey says.

But then something happened. Something that didn’t fit into her OOTDs, nightly beauty routines, or bedtime stories — Maxey became a home decorating enthusiast. It all started one afternoon, when Maxey was laying on her couch, scrolling on Facebook for chic homeware and showstopping vases for her spring flowers.

Maxey’s “a-ha!” moment struck when she came across a personalized ad on Facebook for a black terracotta vase from the small business Effortless Composition. She had a feeling that the dark-colored pottery would contrast perfectly with her floral spring aesthetic.

“We need a neutral to balance out my bright palette,” she thought. Maxey knew she had to give this vase a home. Call it fate, call it destiny — call it personalized advertising magic. From the moment the vase arrived, Maxey loved it. Since then, she’s been inspired to decorate her home and live out the rest of her design dreams. Thanks to personalized ads on Facebook, a small business found a new fan, and Maxey is one step closer to realizing her dream home.

Love the photography in Maxey’s home? Check out her partner’s photography work at @danielkrieger and

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