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How an artist found his calling in his garden — for the second time

After the winter storm destroyed his garden of 30 years, this Texan is inspired once again.

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Dave Rolsten and his wife, Julie, are infatuated with their back garden. For the two artists in Dallas, Texas — Dave, a landscape architect, and Julie, a jewelry designer — their garden serves as both canvas and muse. But when Texas was hit by a devastating winter storm in February 2021, a large portion of the garden Dave spent more than 27 years building was destroyed. Plants and trees he planted 30 years ago were now gone, and he had no choice but to start over.

Instead of letting the storm defeat him, Dave took this opportunity to do what he does best. He began to create new landscapes and gave his garden the opportunity to grow into something new. He believes that great gardens aren’t designed on paper but that they’re developed over time. Dave says he knows that with time, his garden will transform, and grow into something he never could have planned.

Even though Dave takes pride in doing most of his work by hand, he still needs the help of proper equipment to get his yard into shape. Tools like the Cub Cadet CC30E electric lawn mower and Cub Cadet cordless electric lawn and garden tools allow Dave to work in his garden efficiently, with the flexibility he needs to grow his garden into an art form.

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