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How gardening has defined this family for generations

It’s all in the O’Hara family.

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Gina O’Hara comes from a long line of gardeners. She owns a glass container of her great grandparents’ farmland, she has a plant in the garden that was originally her mother’s, and even her grandmother’s maiden name was Gardener. She’s gained so much from gardening that she now hopes to pass the tradition down to her granddaughter Louise, a senior in high school. The two of them have been gardening since Louise (aka Lou) was 3 years old, an activity that has bonded them over the years.

As Lou is about to start college and is saving up for it, O’Hara had an idea: to make and sell bouquets from their garden. The two of them work together in every step of the process, from planting the seeds to picking and creating the bouquets. Their bouquet business has become a joint venture that not only grows Lou’s college fund, but brings new life to O’Hara’s ever-changing garden.

In addition to her garden, O’Hara maintains the two acres of land around her property that sits just outside of Austin. To keep up with the property (and save on time), O’Hara relies on tools like the Cub Cadet XT1 LT42E electric lawn tractor and Cub Cadet cordless electric lawn and garden tools. “More flexibility, less time servicing, and fewer trips to the gas station frees up time for her to enjoy her lawn and pass down her love of gardening to the next generation.

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