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3 reasons why curbside pickup is the way to go

With contact-free delivery more popular than ever, it’s never been easier to get what you want. 

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Courtesy of Sam’s Club

This past year and ongoing pandemic has seen more Americans shop online than ever before. Long after things return to the way they were, the popularity of mobile ordering and delivery will be vital to the way we buy everything. But of course, the anticipation and thrill of delivery goes far beyond pizza and gifts.

In 2020, curbside pickup exploded in popularity: from retail to restaurants, businesses big and small, we’ve embraced the convenience and no-contact reassurance of having what we need brought right to us. Retailers like Sam’s Club are leading the way in curbside pickup: members can order either online or through the official app, then see their order prepared that very same day. Then, imagine having it brought to you without you ever having to leave your car — it’s never been easier to buy what we need the most. Here’s why Sam’s Club curbside Pickup is the way forward in 2021:

Speed: Order in the morning, pick up in the afternoon, and cook dinner that evening — that’s the appeal of the Sam’s Club app. Do your shopping the 2021 way (on your phone), and load up on everything in stock, from spring cleaning necessities to LCD televisions. Once you check out, your order is ready for pickup in as soon as four hours. Buying in bulk is more popular than ever, and to keep things moving, curbside pickup revolves around time slots that you can choose based on your own schedule and availability. Thanks to the innovative Sam’s Club app, it’s easy to avoid lines and get what you need fast. You can grab your goods ASAP or later on in the day, choosing when you can stop by their preferred Sam’s Club store for pickup. And you’ll be out of there in a jiff.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Convenience: Mobile ordering apps like Sam’s Club combine the fun and endless browsing of online shopping, but without the pesky business of waiting for the mail to arrive. Wandering a well-organized store can be relaxing in many ways, but ordering from the comfort of your own home — when you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas? Well, what could be more care-free than that. Both the app and the Sam’s Club website offers everything that could possibly be in stock — a nice beverage for tonight, perhaps? Snacks to stock up for the Big Game? Or an entirely new home gym setup? It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of fun and surprising stuff; the app encourages you to discover something new.

Reassurance: With curbside Pickup, Sam’s Club associates will put in the legwork for you — safely. They wear masks, they undergo temperature checks every day, they sanitize every shopping cart after each use — and they’ll load up your car when you arrive for Curbside Pickup, contact-free. Sure, it’s a convenient measure. But it’s all part of this greater commitment to safety. Just pull up to the curb and pop the trunk: you don’t even have to leave the driver’s seat. No shopping carts to wrangle, no Tetris problems to solve in the trunk of your car.

2021 is shaping up to be a new year full of new challenges — shopping shouldn’t be one of them. Thanks to Sam’s Club and an app that enables safe, speedy, and convenient shopping, at least one thing is bound to go right this year.

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