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Discover Your Rugged Side With Highland Park

There’s a great big world past the screens that ruled 2020 — so here’s how channel the harmony found in nature.

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It’s been a strange year, that’s for sure. It might seem like 2020 flew by in a haze of video calls, TV show binges, and loungewear, but the holidays and the change of seasons remind us that time is, in fact, moving forward. Right now, we have a welcome chance to refresh, recharge, and reconnect. Indoors, away from the howling winds and whipping snow, this is a time of discovery: to find new comforts, lean into new traditions, and maybe find your new favorite dram.

One way to awaken your senses this season is with a warm and wintry Scotch whisky from Highland Park. Take the Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour. Primarily aged in sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, 12 Year Old Viking Honour offers a bouquet of the familiar: the bright citrus of smashed Seville oranges combine with a winter staple, fruitcake, and spicy notes of nutmeg and cloves. The aromatic qualities of a peated single malt Scotch whisky are present, of course, but they’re also balanced by a smooth and rich sweetness.

Located in the Orkney Islands on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Highland Park enjoys the distinction of being Scotland’s northernmost distillery. The terrain here gifts these whiskies with their unique characteristics: because few trees can grow here, against unforgiving Arctic winds, the 9,000-year old peat bogs near the Highland Park distillery are rich with heather. When burned, the aromatic smoke of this peat imparts floral characteristics to the malted barley. Orkney’s long winters and cool summers let Highland Park’s single-malt Scotch whisky mature evenly, with no abrupt changes to temperature that might disrupt a whisky’s flavor notes. The combination of the two give every bottle of Highland Park unique traits and tastes that have netted awards and won devotees the world over — all from this remote corner of the Scottish islands. That includes its famed 18 Year Old Viking Pride and the 21 Year Old November 2019 Release, two single-malt Scotch whiskies bursting with flavor. The 18 Year Old? Ripe cherries, marzipan, toffee, dark chocolate, and peat smoke. The 21 Year Old? Tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, pears, sundried sultanas, and spice market aromas.

Let Highland Park’s core lineup remind you to tap into your rugged side this season. After all, as we reflect on this most unusual year that’s about to pass us by, it’s a great time to find harmony in nature once again.

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