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How Highland Park Captures the Air and Light of Summertime

Transport yourself to brighter, warmer days with a sip of The Light 17 Year Old single-malt Scotch whisky.

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Dive into myth, and you’ll find that the world is made up of four elements: earth, wind, fire, and air. After one long hibernation in the British Isles’ northernmost corner, the Orkney Islands come alive in the spring with fresh air, crisp and pure from North Sea breezes. The winter winds die down and give way to clear skies.

Orkney, of course, is where Highland Park calls home, and has done so since 1798. More than two centuries later, we might find ourselves in a strange year in 2020, but at the end of the day there’ll still be clear skies, friends, and some Scotch whisky waiting for us. Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old was made for these celebrations of air and light.

The first thing you notice is the color: the palest of golds, nearly bordering on bright green, depending on how light hits its distinctive serpent bottle. This color reflects its lively, easy-sipping nature. The flavors that these American oak casks bring out include fruit-forward notes like caramelized pear, and the remnants of winter flavors like nutmeg and vanilla.

It’s sure to light up the senses. When was the last time you basked in the warmth of a campfire? With nature in bloom across the Scottish wilds, this is Highland Park’s tribute to those memories of long summer nights.

Highland Park is beloved the world over for its limited-edition releases, which play on the themes that define it: especially the uniqueness of the Orkney Islands that it calls home, with its unforgiving North Sea winds. This special release is worthy of any single-malt collection: nestled in a beautifully carved wooden box, both The Light’s bottle and case show off motifs of the serpent-dragon, another way that Highland Park heeds to the spirit of adventure. And The Light is a perfect complement to that other Highland Park special release, Highland Park’s The Dark 17 Year Old.

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