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Recreate a Classic Hong Kong Breakfast with the Creators of Nom Life

How Jeromy and Ewa Ko of @nom_life make a lactose-free milk tea at home.

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Jeromy and Ewa Ko, the content creators behind @nom_life, have some commonalities: They’re both first-generation Americans living in New York City. They love food, so much that they build a social following dedicated to discovering authentic Asian cuisine. And they’re both lactose-intolerant. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped them from cooking and enjoying the dishes they loved and grew up with.

Case in point: a weekend tradition for Jeromy and Ewa is to enjoy a Hong Kong-style breakfast with milk tea. It was a meal they had together on their first trip to Hong Kong, and it’s been a household staple ever since. Thanks to Lactaid® — real milk, but lactose-free — they were able to recreate the milk tea they drank overseas at home, with their sensitivities in mind.

What goes well with milk tea? A Hong Kong breakfast sandwich, a simple dish that has all of the fixings — eggs, white bread, and if you’re craving meat, Spam. Learn how the Kos make this easy weekend meal at home.

Hong Kong Breakfast Sandwich

Makes 2 sandwiches


Whisk the eggs, milk, soy sauce, and salt in a medium mixing bowl.

Cut off crusts from the white bread and butter the bread. (You can toast bread with butter on the pan, or leave it untoasted.)

Heat the pan with a neutral oil (olive, avocado, etc.) or butter. Add whisked egg mixture into the pan. Gently fold until fluffy ridges occur, and remove from heat.

If you prefer to add meat to your sandwich, place Spam® Classic or corned beef into a separate pan and gently fry.

Build the sandwich: Layer the eggs and Spam®, if using, onto white bread, and serve.

Milk Tea

Makes 1 cup


Steep tea bags or loose leaf tea in a teapot. Add in milk and sweetener to taste and serve.

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