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Comparing credit cards could save you hundreds

Want to find your perfect match? LendingTree can help when shopping for your next credit card.

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There are many reasons to get a credit card: It can help build credit, turn around bad credit history, help in a fix, provide cash back or rewards, raise your credit score, or simply be the next step in financial literacy. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or what to remember when searching, it can cause a lot of financial strain.

Consumer Credit Review, Experian, 2019

According to an Experian study, the average US credit card balance is $6,194 — that’s a lot of purchases, and even more to remember to pay for. Car payments, housing costs, groceries, rent . . . our memory helps us make the right choices, especially when it comes to money. And with 43 percent of Americans carrying over a credit card balance every month, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before selecting one.

Before selecting a credit card, ask yourself two questions:
How will I use the card?
What do I want to get from the card?

Credit cards allow us to earn points, get cash back, and improve credit. And when holiday spending hits, credit cards allow us to get ahead of spending by consolidating balances with a personal loan onto one card. Whether it’s raising your credit score to get that dream home, or getting ahead of holiday spending, there is a great card that’s out there for you.

Say you want to transfer the balance from an old card to a new card, are looking to raise your credit score, or need to find the card that aligns with your spending. This is where comparing credit card options could mean saving you hundreds by considering how each benefit can match with your spending habits.

Luckily, LendingTree’s Credit Card Comparison tool makes it easy to understand reward points, cash back, annual fees, and payment options — helping you to decide if you want to maximize your card’s point benefits or receive low interest on your purchases.

If you play your cards right, you may find your perfect match. There are many options . . . which one is yours? Go to now to find the card that’s perfect for you.

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