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How Brunch Aficionado Jeremy Jacobowitz Celebrates Fall in the Northeast

His preference? With an over-the-top Fall Blend Whipped Cold Brew

Looking for a refreshing fall cold brew recipe that’s sure to impress your friends (and followers)? Try a Fall Blend Whipped Cold Brew from social media food star Jeremy Jacobowitz of @brunchboys fame.

Jeremy is a New York-based foodie and content creator who has risen to popularity thanks to his drool-worthy food photography and brunch adventures.

He grew up celebrating all of the amazing colors and flavors of fall in the Northeast. Coming from a family that loves to eat, fall is filled with memories of delicious meals shared together during football games, Thanksgiving and Jewish holidays.

To ring in the fall season this year, Jeremy shows us how he uses Starbucks® Fall Blend to create a one-of-a-kind whipped cold brew recipe: it’s topped with an apple cinnamon syrup and served with a slice of challah french toast — a nod to his Jewish heritage and mom’s homestyle cooking.

Watch the video to learn more about Jeremy’s story, and check out Jeremy’s original recipe for Fall Blend Whipped Cold Brew for a drink that perfectly captures the feeling of fall in the Northeast: crisp, eye-catching, and full of excitement.

Looking for more ways to treat yourself this fall? Visit Starbucks® Coffee At Home to explore more of the season from the comfort of home.

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