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Debt consolidation could be the key to unpredictable financial situations

When finances are too much and from too many places, consolidate it. 

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Life is unpredictable. And not just, Oh no, there’s traffic on the bridge unpredictable. More like, should I sell my car? unpredictable. Americans have come to predict unpredictability. In fact, we have experienced so much economic imbalance many have already been simplifying their lives — reducing expenses or moving in with family, for example.

Economic disruption after economic disruption has left Americans facing debt from many sources: credit cards, student loans, mortgages, auto — adding up to the total U.S. consumer debt at $13.86 trillion.

In the face of so much unpredictability, debt consolidation is a powerful option to help gain control over your finances. You can take out a single loan to pay off the debt from other loans, or combine current debt for a better monthly rate. Not to mention the benefits: debt consolidation not only can reduce the number of bills to track each month but it has the potential to improve your credit score and the possibility of paying a lower interest rate.

LendingTree’s debt consolidation options provide users the confidence when selecting the best way to lower your monthly bills — potentially knocking thousands of dollars off of your debt. Whether it’s connections to the best lenders or tips on debt management, LendingTree makes debt consolidation easy so you can concentrate on your priorities.

Consolidating and simplifying your life is more important than ever today. That way when life lands you in an unpredictable spot, you’ll be ready.

Learn how debt consolidation can help you consolidate your debt with LendingTree’s Debt Consolidation Calculator.

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