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A note of gratitude

Words likely can’t express our full appreciation for your work during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we tried. Listen and read more on how your work has affected and changed us.

To our editorial teams:

Thank you. Two words that carry so much and yet so little weight, especially now. Can these little words really express what we, our revenue group, feel right now? Probably not — but bear with us, we’re not the expert wordsmiths in this company.

But you all are. You have used your words, your stories, your art, your outreach, your events, and your relentless drive to report on what is happening in the world. You have helped define the far-reaching effects of a pandemic for a global audience. You have explained what the virus is before any of us could properly put a name or words to the threat. You’ve reported on the industries that have been uprooted, from food to housing to tech, many that we work or partner with on a daily basis. You’ve published a magazine remotely! Even Google and President Obama are taking notice of your work, and for good reason.

As for that extraordinary work that you’re doing right now, it’s building community and loyalty and togetherness in ways we’ve never seen. We see it in Eater @ Home events, every Wine Club, the new Vox Book Club. We see it in the hilarious and charming livestreams from Vulture and its “Two Friends” series. We see it in every story, told with heart, across every one of our networks. The audiences you’ve connected with over the years are seeking your unique voices and points of view, more than ever before.

And we are, too. You’ve shown us the best ways to work from home, the essentials to make the transition more bearable, and even some enjoyable distractions (what even is fluffy coffee?) to get us through. You’ve given us tools to conquer homeschooling, and reminded us to give ourselves a break as we adjust to teaching, entertaining, and nurturing our families under the strangest of circumstances. You’ve given us a reason to get obsessed with Quibi, shown us which shows to stream, and helped us find relief through Animal Crossing. You’ve made us dream of all the foods we’ll eat when eating in restaurants is a thing again. You’ve provided us space to feel our feelings (all of them), offered tips for coping when it feels impossible, and served up inspiration to boot. You’ve made us feel less alone.

It’s that feeling we’re holding onto every day as we get up and log in, getting back to the world of helping our clients — who, like us, feel trepidation and worry about the road ahead. Everything feels uncertain, and no one can say when the uncertainty will end. But if there’s one true fact that we can latch onto, it’s that we’ve never been prouder to represent the Vox Media family, and all of you. So for that, we’ll repeat the two words that still can’t do justice to the pride and gratitude we feel.

Thank you.

The revenue team at Vox Media