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One surprising career path for veterans? 5G.

Veterans are reaching new heights in the wireless industry with T-Mobile.

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5G, the 5th generation of wireless technology, will connect people with a signal that goes faster than ever before. The new generation will also create opportunities for scale and innovation that have never been seen before. But a nationwide 5G network like T-Mobile’s needs thousands of skilled technicians to create and maintain the crucial infrastructure.

Fortunately, the skills needed to excel in this field may be possessed by a group of Americans looking to build new careers: military veterans. Many veterans have learned invaluable skills like teamwork, coolness under pressure, and dedication to a mission, which are all critical for roles in the wireless industry.

So where can veterans get the technical training needed for building a career in the wireless industry? One option is Warriors4Wireless, a non-profit that helps bridge the gap between the need for trained communication industry professionals and the thousands of qualified service men and women looking to utilize skills learned in the military. Since 2015, Warriors4Wireless has trained about two thousand veterans, accompanied by a high rate of job offers for trainees. Retired Major General Kevin Kennedy, USAF, who is now the president of W4W, says “the 5G world is a great place for veterans to land.”

Recognizing the value of this type of development and training, T-Mobile is the lead industry partner for Warriors4Wireless. Separately, T-Mobile has also committed to hiring 10000 veterans and military spouses by 2023. Today, with the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, the expanded network has even more opportunities for veterans.

See how the partnership between Warriors4Wireless and T-Mobile is helping veterans find a new career path.

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