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We surprised our family members by video calling them from the office

Calling our family members via Portal is the pure and wholesome content this world needs right now.

This advertising content was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and our sponsor, without involvement from Vox Media editorial staff.

We all lead busy lives, and let’s face it: as much as we try to stay in touch with family, many of us (including the team here at Vox Media) wish we could see our loved ones more often—especially when they live far away.

So when we partnered with Best Buy to share our take on Facebook’s range of Portal products, we knew just who to call.

Portal is a smart video calling device that lets you connect face-to-face with your loved ones. With a smart camera that automatically adjusts to where you are in the room, and Alexa built in for hands-free control over your smart home, this is the ultimate tech holiday gift for you and your family. Portal also comes with Story Time, which lets you try on fun AR masks and play games, even when you’re across the country from your opponent. Plus, you can video call friends and family on their smartphones and tablets, even if they don’t have a Portal.

Watch the video to see how our parents, brothers, and sisters reacted to us surprising them from the office.

Want a Portal for yourself? You can order them all from Best Buy, including the Portal and Portal Mini. Want to see grandma’s face on the big screen? The newly released Portal TV, also available at Best Buy, offers video calling, Story Time, AR experiences, and more on the biggest screen in your home.

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