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Why It’s a Thing: Pet Influencers

The perks of being a popular pup.

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Pets are filling our hearts and feeds with cute content. More and more, people are sharing pics of their pets online and with constant advances in smartphone cameras, it’s easier than ever to take photos like a pro. While pets have been a thing for a while now (think: Grumpy Cat, one of the OG Internet pet pioneers), social media has unleashed a new era of pets. And with it, the pet influencer was born.

Pet influencers by definition have a social media following. In fact, pets are so popular that they often outperform their human counterparts. Since content is at the heart of every great pet-fluencer, here are a few tips for capturing the perfect pet portrait:

Light right: Lighting is the basis of good photography. Avoid flash photography and choose natural light, whether outdoors or inside a well-lit room with windows. Lighting is also key when it comes to exposure. You can always edit and brighten a photo but you can’t fixed a photo that’s overexposed. Lighting is especially important when it comes to pet photography to capture the their eyes and expressions.

Timing is everything: Imagine your pup standing center stage on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge just as the sun goes down. That’s called the “golden hour,” also known as the “magic hour,” and it’s one the peak times to capture a photo. Shooting at the right time of the day can transform your photo from dull to dazzling. On the other end of the spectrum, clouds can also be your friend. Shooting during a cloudy time of day will create a softer look that will diffuse your subject rather than hard sunlight.

Know your niche: Successful pet influencers know what works and what doesn’t work. Photography isn’t just about technique but showcasing your brand. Experiment, have fun and figure out what your following loves!

We spoke to Nicole, dog mom to Minion — a six month old corgi with a growing social following — on why pet influencers are a thing.

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