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Ever get the urge to one-up your mates’ travel photos?

Watch one competitive duo battle it out for the most ‘gram-worthy trip in Portugal, and find out who will come away as the champion of travel envy by racking up the most hate-likes.

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Travelling is all about immersing yourself in a new place and enjoying new experiences, but let’s be honest: if you don’t share your holiday on social media... did it really even happen? This is Out-Posted, a video series born out of travel envy and inspired by epic holidays booked with

We’ve all been there: you’re on social media, mindlessly scrolling through your feed, when you begin to notice a large amount of picture-perfect travel photos popping up. You roll your eyes at your friend Dave’s gorgeous sunset shot, complete with a humble brag caption about it being a “typical Monday,” when suddenly… you find yourself jealously liking the photo. You’re filled with the rage of a thousand suns, and that’s when you realise: you just gave your first hate-like, and the only cure is... a holiday.

For avid travellers Chidi and Keiran, friendly competition has always been at the heart of their friendship. When they found out they had each earned a reward night* on thanks to the rewards programme, they decided to put their photography skills to the test by travelling to one of the most ‘gram-worthy locations in the world: Portugal.

Watch the video to learn more about Portugal’s most photogenic spots, and see how Chidi and Keiran fared in their quest for the most hate-likes.

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* Rewards members 18+. Participating hotels only. Collect 10 nights using your Rewards account and get a Reward Night. Reward Night value based on average value of 10 nights collected. Local taxes/fees payable on each Reward Night booked. A £4 redemption fee is charged on each Reward Night booked unless redeemed on our app. See for T&Cs.

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