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Why It’s a Thing: PC Gaming

The system that adapts to the way you play

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In an era of console wars and mobile games, PCs are still the platform of choice for so many gamers. Here’s why:

Customization: PC owners can customize the hardware in their machine to build a system that fits their needs, whether it’s gaming or streaming. Unlike consoles which can quickly become outdated, PCs have longevity.

Optimization: A better machine = better graphics. PC gamers can take advantage of the best graphics that games have to offer as they upgrade their machine.

More games: PC games are backward compatible, which means gamers can continue to play their old games even as they advance their system.

More players: Not only can PC gamers play with fellow PC users but the multiplayer platform allows for PC and console users to play together.

We spoke to Jennifer — a passionate PC gamer who’s even built her own machine — on why PC gaming is a thing.

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