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The ultimate relief from a breakup? Hitting the beach.

We know breakups can be a beach (get it?) — but don’t worry, where there’s a whale there’s a way. (Sorry not sorry, we love a good pun.)

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Every breakup has its winner and loser. There’s a constant battle between the two parties as to who can prove that they’re better off without the other person. This is the fourth and final episode of #WintheBreakup, a four-part series inspired by real-life breakups — and seriously sweet vacations booked with

The best way to get over and win the breakup? Seas the day and head to the beach. That’s what real-life ex Paris did, after his boyfriend Marcus decided they were better off as friends. Naturally, the only way that Paris could think of to get back ever so slightly at his ex was to use a reward night he earned from to book a getaway to Hawai’i. Rather than staying salty about the breakup, Paris did it all: In between scuba diving, flying over the islands in a helicopter, and dancing on the beach, he found the time to post a few selfies perfectly designed for the ultimate hate-like.

Was Paris perfectly happy to not be tide down? Did he end up feeling fin-tastic about his vacation after getting a good dose of vitamin sea? (Shell yeah!) Did Marcus have resting beach face while hate-liking every one of Paris’s photos? Who was the real winner of this breakup (and how many more beach puns can we possibly fit into one paragraph?)? Watch these real-life exes deal with the aftermath and get away from those old boyfriends of their past with a vacation booked on

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