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Craft Cocktails With an Austin Twist

How one Hilton Austin bartender is mixing things up for travelers.

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Looking for some craft cocktail inspiration with a Southern twist? Next time you’re in Austin, head to the Cannon & Belle bar at Hilton Austin and talk to Joshua Stock. (You can tell him we sent you.)

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Eater to bring our readers a taste of the unexpected, and that’s exactly what Stock does. Stock works as the lead mixologist at Hilton Austin, where he mixes up a variety of mouthwatering craft cocktails.

For him, it’s all about creating a multisensory experience for his guests, he says. “How are you experiencing this cocktail? Is it visually appealing to you? Do you smell the aromas?”

Stock says that he fell in love with mixology from the beginning and always enjoyed putting a smile on a guest’s face. He also appreciates the creative challenge that comes with bartending. “One of my favorite guests is a business traveler,” Stock explains. “They sit down and they ask me ‘What is your best drink?’”

Not all business travelers have time to explore the cities they visit, so Stock helps busy visitors get a taste of Austin through his bartending. “Texas has amazing bourbons, gins, vodkas — guests kind of get to experience that whole Austin vibe through those ingredients,” says Stock.

His favorite part about working at a hotel bar is ensuring that guests get an authentic taste of the local Austin experience. The bar is the energetic hub of a hotel, whether it’s in Austin or one of the many Hilton Hotels & Resorts around the world. And bringing guests unique, one-of-a-kind experiences through custom craft cocktails and quality service is something that Stock and Hilton bartenders worldwide always strive to deliver.

Check out the video to watch Stock’s story, and be sure to stop by Hilton Austin next time you’re in town.

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