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How to get over a rocky breakup

Climb your way out of breakup despair and go glamping instead.

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Every breakup has its winner and loser. There’s a constant battle between the two parties as to who can prove that they’re better off without the other person. This is the third episode of #WintheBreakup, a four-part series inspired by real-life breakups — and seriously sweet vacations booked with

The great outdoors — only made greater when experiencing it with someone you love. That is, until your S.O. suddenly dumps you and you’re left on the side of a cliff, grasping on for dear life. (OK, maybe not physically hanging on to the side of a cliff, but we are here for the melodrama).

That’s what happened with real-life exes Jess and Sam, whose relationship revolved around climbing, hiking, and camping. That is, until Sam broke up with Jess. After their breakup, Jess wanted to reclaim her outdoor adventures for herself, this time with perfectly Insta-worthy backdrops designed for the ultimate hate-like. Using a reward night earned on, Jess headed to the Smoky Mountains for her own glamping version of the Cheryl Strayed Wild adventure.

Did Jess’s jealousy-inducing social media feed rub it in Sam’s face? Did Sam’s homegrown version of glamping work out? (That tent in the backyard looked precarious.) Did Jess really find the Smoky Mountain Sasquatch? Who was the real winner of this breakup? Watch these real-life exes deal with the aftermath and get away from those old boyfriends and girlfriends of their past with a vacation booked on

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