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Breakup revenge is best served on a po’ boy

One way to win the breakup? Eat your way through New Orleans, obviously.

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Every breakup has its winner and loser. There’s a constant battle between the two parties as to who can prove that they’re better off without the other person. This is the second episode of #WintheBreakup, a four-part series inspired by real-life breakups — and seriously sweet vacations booked with

They say the sweetest revenge is living well, but we beg to differ — the sweetest, tastiest revenge is eating well. Only those who spend nearly all of their free time and money on a great meal out know what we mean here, and it’s only truer for couples whose relationships grow out of a love of food.

For Jess and Jason, two real-life exes, their courtship included a lot of great meals together — until suddenly it didn’t. After their breakup, Jason found solace by booking a trip to New Orleans using a reward night he earned through The home of beignets, po’ boys, gumbo, and more mouthwatering dishes, NOLA gave Jason all of his post-breakup necessities: sugar, carbs, and fodder for an envy-inducing social media feed. To say that Jason might have ate, prayed, and loved his way through New Orleans may be an understatement.

Did Jason’s food content invoke the kind of breakup revenge he was hoping for? Did Jess hate-like every photo in total and complete envy? Did Jason run away to become a trumpet player for a brass band? Who was the real winner of this breakup? Watch these real-life exes deal with the aftermath, and get away from those old boyfriends and girlfriends of their past with a vacation booked on

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