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The Frame TV by Samsung is a framed work of art for your living room

Celebrity designer Jeremiah Brent decorates a coastal-inspired living room around The Samsung Frame TV.

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Crafting a well-designed living room that fits the needs of the whole family is not always an easy task. This space often sets the tone for the rest of your home’s aesthetic, but all too often people fall into the trap of prioritizing function over style. But with the right variety of decor and technology, you really can have it both ways.

The key is choosing versatile pieces like The Frame TV from Samsung, an example of what happens when beautiful design meets cutting-edge technology. The Frame TV now comes with QLED picture quality, so you can see every detail - whether you’re watching sports, movies, or Saturday morning cartoons.

When you’re not watching TV, you can toggle to Art Mode, where the high-resolution display transforms into a piece of art. The Frame TV lets you select from over a thousand digital art pieces in the Art Store, so you can switch up the artwork on your wall whenever you want — without the hefty price tag of purchasing multiple pieces of artwork for one room.1,2

For designers like Jeremiah Brent, of Jeremiah Brent Design, The Frame TV is ideal for a living room because it allows you to adjust the tone based on how the space is being used. Brent, known for his cool California modern approach to interior design, has built a name for himself among high-end clientele all over the world. As the host of Home Made Simple on OWN, and co-creator of Nate & Jeremiah by Design on TLC, Brent is an influential design trendsetter. Brent partnered with Samsung to decorate a chic yet functional living room around The Frame TV.

“The living room is really the heartbeat of the home,” says Brent. “It’s where you come to connect, it’s where you come to entertain, it’s where you come to relax. So I’m always looking to create a room based on those moments.”

Brent, a husband and a father, takes many design cues from his personal experience at home with his family. One of his favorite features of The Frame TV is its ability to display photos,3 another unique way to share family memories. “It lends to the personalization of your space,” he says.

The Frame TV’s interchangeable bezels come in four colors and snap on easily with magnets so you can truly curate your space.4 “In the living room, I chose a white bezel because it feels really clean when it’s framed against this beautiful scenic view of the ocean,” Brent explains.

Brent went for a coastal look as he built out the space: A cream shearling sofa, driftwood textures and coral accents tie the theme together. “If you approach your living room as this time capsule of your life where some of the most important moments are going to happen, you really start to build that space out differently,” says Brent.

Looking for more living room design advice from Jeremiah? Check out the video and get inspired to upgrade your look at home.

1 Fees apply to Art Store subscription service.

2 Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.

3 Personal photos uploaded to The Frame will be displayed at the original resolution. Displaying 4K (3840*2160 pixels) and above images are recommended.

4 Shown with optional customizable frame, sold separately.

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