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How one prankster brother on a glamping trip started a social media trend

Ever posted a photo of yourself looking away at an epic vista? You have this guy to thank.

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This is the third episode of Travelgrams, a four-part series that dives deep into the unexpected (and totally made-up) origin stories of social media photo trends. Check out the first episode on the waterfall pic here and the second episode on food pics here.

The “looking away” pic: You’ve seen it on your feeds. You’ve hate-liked it. You’ve probably even turned your back to the camera and looked out onto an epic vista to capture it. But have you ever asked yourself, Who was the first person to do this? Turns out, it all goes back to a timeless tradition: annoying your sibling.

It all started when Jacob and Missy, brother and sister, decided to turn their annual family trip into a siblings-only glamping getaway to the Grand Canyon. But when Jacob pulled an epic clown prank for the ages, Missy was not amused — to say the least. Still fuming from the prank the next day, she turned her back to her big bro and just so happened to pose perfectly in front of an epic view of the Canyon. Jacob snapped a pic, and the rest is history.

So the next time you see a photo of a friend staring pensively into the distance, remember this before you hate-like it: There’s more to a travel pic than meets the eye. Watch the video above for the whole story.

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