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3 Easy Ways to Please a Crowd This Summer

Your group chat is anxious to do something new this weekend — we’ve got a plan.

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The Spritz to Share.
Photography courtesy of Punch Bowl Social

Remember when coursed meals and composed entrees were all the rage? We do. And while there’s still a time and place for formal dining, more and more often people are seeking memorable food experiences they can share with their friends and family.

Unsurprisingly, millennials are inspiring this shareable dining experience, thanks to a desire to enjoy various interesting flavors in one meal. And this is especially true in summer, when the weather warms up a bit and we feel a renewed energy to gather over some grub. It probably has to do with long summer days, fresh ingredients, and, well, tacos.

One dining destination that’s big on the group experience is Punch Bowl Social. The dining and entertainment brand is centered around an eat, drink, play mentality; and who doesn’t love eating, drinking, and playing all in one place?

But just like any solid social gathering, good food is key — which brings us back to that shareable dining experience. This summer, celebrate the group dining movement with shareable food and drink opportunities packed with flavor and fun.

Green Chorizo Fries

Shareable dishes, from healthy to indulgent

Some menu items just beg to be placed in the center of a food-loving crowd. These are often simple and straightforward but big on flavor, like Punch Bowl Social’s new Crab Rangoon Dip, which raises the bar on chips and dip with a blend of rock crab, Monterey jack, and green onions that you can scoop up with wonton chips. The Green Chorizo Fries are another summer must, with green chorizo, Monterey jack, pickled fresno chiles, cilantro, crema, and sea salt. It’s all made in house and from scratch, upping that all-important flavor factor.

Of course, summer is a time for fresher, lighter options, too. A Mediterranean Salad chock full of crispy falafel, feta, mixed lettuces and savory romesco, hummus, and tzatziki sauces is a good one for sharing. The Chopped Vegetable Salad is another, with plenty of multi-colored cauliflower, green beans, kale, charred corn, and avocado to bring a bit more balance to your plate.

Mediterranean Salad

Cocktails for a crowd

Drinking can be a solo experience, but it’s far more fun when shared. Punches are a prime example of shareable cocktails. And actually, punch is nothing new. In fact, punch dates back to the 1700s as a large-format drink designed to please the masses.

The Watermelon Polo Punch

Punch Bowl Social brings it back into the 21st century, preparing several summery sippers in two-, four-, or eight-person bowls. The Watermelon Polo Bowl is one option, prepared with tequila, watermelon-spearmint tea, watermelon shrub, house-made strawberry syrup, and fresh lime juice. To capitalize on another summer trend, the Spritz to Share brings the classic Italian aperitif to the punch bowl, with Aperol, sparkling wine, and soda in a bowl for four.

Of course, those who don’t drink can still partake. Punch Bowl Social’s expansive craft beverage program includes creative non-alcoholic options, milkshakes, and fresh juices so that there’s something for everyone.

The Holiday Lounge

Event spaces for all

Get out of the office and into a cool space to celebrate, whether it’s for a company milestone, friend’s birthday, or family gathering. Punch Bowl Social can host parties of a handful to a few hundred or more. A party in the Holiday Lodge feels like a classy mountain cabin and provides a respite from summer heat. A group get-together on the VIP bowling lanes means full food and beverage service as you socialize between strikes. Or meet your crew in the diner for food, then roll over to a karaoke lounge to belt out some tunes over drinks. Because bringing people together for shared experiences is one of the best parts of summer.

The VIP bowling lanes

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