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How one company uses machine learning to optimize smart buildings

Inside the company using cloud infrastructure to create a more sustainable world.

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The Australian tech company Willow is on a mission to create a smarter, more sustainable world. How? By creating high-res, digital maps of the physical world. These maps, called “digital twins,” let users visualize and contextualize every element of a building, from the temperature of a certain story to the operational capacity of the building’s air quality system. Digital twins equip building owners with data and information that they can use to optimize the systems at work in their buildings, from HVAC to conference room usage.

Willow relies on data analytics in order to make sense of the tens of thousands of data points in a given building, according to Dale Brett, Willow’s co-founder and chief product officer. The company stores this data on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure, and Azure’s machine learning algorithms analyze this data and help Willow make smart decisions about the built environment.

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