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Here’s what you need to know about returning to work after maternity leave

Watch eight women explain how motherhood changed their professional lives.

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We’re all familiar with the big professional milestones — your first job, a big promotion, or retirement. But one important transition often goes overlooked: returning back to work after having a child.

For new mothers, navigating work comes with a host of surprises and learning opportunities. From finding time and a suitable place to pump breast milk at work to newfound time management skills, having a baby undoubtedly changes a woman’s professional life. But the advantages to being a mother in the workplace, as well as having mothers in the workplace, comes with distinct advantages for your team. Among other skills, moms need to know how to delegate and prioritize efficiently because of the added demands on their time, and that can set a good example for the rest of their team.

We asked eight women who work in various industries, from comedy to healthcare, to tell us about their personal experiences transitioning back to their work lives after taking time off to have a baby. Whether you’re a mom yourself, might become one someday, or work with moms — which we all know is basically the entire workforce — learn what you can do to help make the transition smooth for working moms. As one mom puts it, “You have to remember that the mom is going from having one full-time job to having two full-time jobs.” How’s that for perspective?

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